Gender Neutral Baby Shower


Let’s have a little throw back Thursday action to that time when I was 8 months pregnant and didn’t find out what I was having basically forcing my gracious friends into throwing a gender neutral baby shower. To top it off I wanted a central location since I have friends all over the metroplex (Dallas/Ft Worth is huge y’all).



Enter Brewed in Fort Worth. Nick and I have had a few working lunches here and really enjoy the space. There are lots of little sitting areas like this around, so it’s pretty much the perfect place for a baby shower.


See there’s my pregnant self chatting it up with guests. Heavy h’orderves on the table (that has whimsical mismatched chairs). I was actually burning up because we had just bought our lighting since we were just killing time at Old Home Supply up the street before the party. It was August. In Texas. They have no AC (Old Home Supply not Brewed). Sorry shower guests.

Check out the gold fixtures here though. Amazing.


There was a bit of a cake debacle. I guess it didn’t transport well and got smashed on the ride to Brewed. They had this chocolate cake hanging around and just salvaged the original decorations. Honestly I’m not a chocolate cake fan (team vanilla all the way), but this was incredibly good.


It was so nice to be able to open gifts from the comfort of a couch. I mean I was so huge. Of course opening cute presents like a Rangers hat and tiny newborn things is pretty awesome from anywhere.


Afterward we got to just sit around and talk which is an insane luxury at showers. It was such a sweet time with friends. Soaking up all the girl chatter. Making speculations about what I was having – everyone but 2 people said boy, so apparently I’m friends with a bunch of psychics who knew.


What I wouldn’t give to know what was being said here. Something hilarious for sure.


My sister, mom and I posing for my last baby shower. Ha! I’m so glad to finally blog about this. If I don’t have it posted, then eventually the pictures disappear or get lost on my computer somewhere.

On that note one of my memory cards bit the dust. I no longer have access to an entire memory card full of photos. If anyone knows how to solve that issue, let me know!

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Modern Bathroom for Guests and Such


We are moving this bathroom party upstairs for a sneak peek into our modern bathroom for guests and such. We were in a complete rush to make all the decisions upstairs. We didn’t go into panic mode or anything. The decision making process for the upstairs on our end was pretty painless.

We loved the tile choices for the kids bathroom. Plus we had some left over, so it seemed like the smartest (most budget friendly) move. We needed more tile but still an overall savings. The thing was we wanted this space to be unique since it will function mainly as the guest bathroom although anyone upstairs (the kids in their playroom and I in my office) will use it as well. We had to figure out how we could create a bathroom using the same materials but still be different from the downstairs one.


We decided to have them install the shower subway tile in a herringbone pattern. I got the idea after seeing Jordan Ferney‘s picture on instagram. Shocker I got inspiration from a restaurant (master shower floors were from a coffee shop, so totally fitting).


Initially we thought we’d pick up a GODMORGON IKEA cabinet. Gray seemed like the best choice since there is so much white in there already. I love the modern look, and a floating vanity would be a perfect step away from all the other bathrooms in the house. When we started comparing prices between IKEA and what our cabinet guy could make, it was tens of dollars. Yep $10′s. It was a no brainer.


Except that it was a struggle for them to get it right. Face palm. I sent a very detailed email with pictures included (pro tips here). I wanted the cabinet exactly like the GODMORGON except all real wood with a painted shell and Alder wood drawers (yes I specified the wood I wanted for the drawers in the email).

First attempt the drawers are not full overlay like the IKEA version. Also the drawers were oak. (Fun fact 2nd attempt included oak drawers again!)


We did buy an ODENSVIK sink because $140 for a sink + not having to deal with the countertop people again was so worth it. We had it onsite before they built the cabinet AND we had the dimensions to the cabinet maker before he began. Amazingly that happened, so try again guys.

There were more fixes that had to be made to the drawers. They were too deep for the plumbing, etc. Fourth time is the charm apparently.


The ODENSVIK sink was a great call. A huge money saver, and it looks so good. We picked up the pendants from west elm. In person they are more of a milky transparent white than the picture. They are really beautiful.

The faucet is from Lowes. It’s the only bathroom that has nickel fixtures, but it works with the style of this bathroom.

You may or may not have noticed we don’t have a mirror up here. We are still deciding exactly what we want to do. We might DIY something or buy something. Who knows. We like to keep ourselves guessing.


This is the view of the bathroom from the eyes of Beckett. I’m loving everything that’s happening in here. I’m not sure if I want to get a new shower curtain or use the Kate Spade one from the last place.

Guest bathroom is ready! Actually this is where we shower since the whole master shower isn’t functioning. A huge thank you to Nicole for putting the master bathroom on her honor roll.

Full disclosure you might think I’m annoyed by all the kinks and hiccups we had during the build and now, but it’s one of those things you just have to laugh at. In the grand scheme of things, it’s no big deal. It’s just what happens you have a specific idea of how things should be, and you don’t compromise that vision.


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Completed (ish) Master Bathroom

Master Bath with Clawfoot Tub

I know you’ve all been wanting to see the master bathroom and how the countertops look with everything in there. Oh the suspense. Nick shot this from the closet doorway which seems like a fitting shot to follow up the closet post.

The tile company is actually coming out to rip out the baseboards around the clawfoot tub and take the subway tile down to the floor. Some water got on the baseboards pre move in, and they swelled up. We figure we might as well fix it with tile since that would be a constant issue otherwise. (I like to splash in the bath.)

Granada Tile

Obviously our shower floor is what we love most in here with the Granada Tile. We still haven’t used the shower which is another longer (more painful) post for a different time. Happy thoughts.  Happy thoughts.

Master Bathroom

It’s so hard to get a straight shot in the bathroom, but I wanted to give you an overview of the vanity set up. Same hardware as the kitchen and closet.

School House Electric Light

Our lights are from Schoolhouse Electric. The plan for the master bath has always been black and brass. Bathroom lighting was so difficult. We had a huge mirror and wanted something appropriate for scale, and it had to look awesome too (obviously). Schoolhouse was perfect because we could customize the fixture with so many shade options. We went the classic route with the black shade.

Fun fact we still need 2 light fixtures in here – one for my sitting area and another for the bathtub. Already have plans and can’t wait for the chaos to settle a little to execute them! Read: Nick get on that dude!

Master Bath

The faucets with the deep rectangular sinks make me feel like a princess. Yes princess. I just love everything that’s happening on the countertop. (Can you even believe I typed that after this dramatic post?)

Carrera Marble

Can we just talk about how pretty this marble is? I know it wasn’t what I wanted, but there is some serious gorgeous marbling going on here. It goes with the concrete floors much better than I anticipated now that we are actually in there (clothes on the floor and all…kidding). We don’t even have a rug yet, so it can only get better!

Master Bath

We had them frame out a mirror just like they did in the kids bathroom. We got oak 1×2′s and painted them the same black as the doors. I did have them install them with the 2″ sticking out to create a little ledge. I like the skinny framed look.

Master Bath Vanity

My vanity area is a strange height. I’m curious to see if a bar stool will work with the drawer. Might need to DIY something for this. I do like having a space to sit and get ready. Not that I’ve done that much in the midst of unpacking. (It’s been a depressing state of pjs, no makeup, dirty hair for longer than I should admit to publicly.)

So there’s the master bathroom in all it’s undecorated glory! I will keep you posted on the shower, but just know we are still bathing over here even if it’s rarely.

A huge thank you to Nicole for showing the bathroom some love on her honor roll. If you want to show us some love, follow us on bloglovin‘, Facebook, twitter, instagram, all of the above we aren’t picky!

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Designing the Master Closet

Master Closet Desgin via - Go look at the rest of this house. The kitchen has tile like my painted floor.

When we first started talking about the design of our master closet, I envisioned a grandiose space that was luxurious, organized, and obviously gorgeous. Nick didn’t want to share a closet initially, but I convinced him that if we shared we would have more space. Not sure if that was entirely true, but at the time it seemed so.

Once I got a little more realistic with the actual space we were working with, the design aspect was a little more difficult. I knew I wanted space for shoes and some shelves especially a place for a carry on bag (let’s hear it for spontaneous trips).

Master Closet Design via

We were already having the cabinet guy build us 2 dresser units. When they got onsite, they were much larger than anticipated which made the closet design harder. They only made sense if you put them together. Then they were so large they wouldn’t fit on the most logical wall where they could just stand alone there instead of take up hanging space.

I found the above inspiration image and thought that corner shelving thing has some real potential. We could use that to really make the closet look custom around the large dresser units. I relayed the pic and the message to the guys…

Master Closet Design

First the shoe storage is crazy wonky. I don’t know who thought it would be a smart move to use a hanging rod as storage support. (They tried that in the pantry as well…fail.)

Most importantly the corner units which we went with on both corners of this wall were so bulky. It was going to be difficult to use the space especially with the dressers pushed against the corner units. There was such an overhang from the dressers that using the corner unit would have been awkward. On the redesign I said, “I just can’t style these.” Cody looked at me like WTF is this chick talking about then responded with, “What?” Thanks for leaving out the TF in that Cody, but your face said it all.

Allen and Keaton via

Apparently when this story was relayed to the builder, Cody announced, “It’s like building a house for Woody Allen and Diane Keaton.” It was our turn to WTF.

Brad and Angelina via

Obviously I found out he said that (I find everything out), I politely let him know it’s 2013 (it was then), so we prefer the comparison to Brad and Angelina. Brangelina think it’s hilarious too just look at them. Actually now that I’m seeing this, Cody was probably right about Allen and Keaton looks wise. Touché.

Master Closet Design

We had them rebuilt the shelving. First we scraped the entire corner unit on the other side. We added Nick’s shoe storage to give ourselves some space with the dresser built ins. Accessing the corner unit is more natural now. The corner shelves were cut with angles instead of being triangular-ish.

We stopped my shoe storage at the curve in the wall which was the plan initially. It just wasn’t listened to in the beginning. We also raised the bottom shelf up to accommodate my boots. Again that was always the purpose, but it wasn’t done correctly.

Master Closet Design

The dresser units were installed. We put the same hardware as the kitchen. There is additional hanging space across from this. The plan is I get the left hanging space, Nick gets the center. We share the remaining corner unit. However Nick is preparing himself for total Amber takeover eventually.

It was such an interesting process. We were definitely in over our heads with closet design. There’s a reason why people have successful companies designing and creating custom cabinets for closets. It ain’t easy. We decided this is a great solution for now. We need to live in this space to figure out what works and what doesn’t. We can change this out if it doesn’t work.

Master Closet Design

We did hang our capiz shell pendent from the last house in there. We have fluorescents too. Otherwise there’d be no light! I think this light will travel to whatever house we go to next (don’t want to think about that, don’t want to think about that). We bought it for Ramona’s nursery, so it’s got such great sentimental value even if we never used it in her room!

I would show you the current state of things, but who wants to see a clothes/accessory explosion. Not I. Nothing is styled. Also I refuse to stage my clothes.

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Because Everyone Needs a Good Before and After

First Morning in the New House

If you follow us on Instagram, you know we are in the house!!! We started moving our stuff in Friday and officially closed on Monday. Y’all we are tired and all kinds of grumpy right now (and extremely stinky).

Ramona woke up at 6:30. Nick got up with her while I stayed in bed with Beckett for a while longer (until Nick came in and said get up Ramona will be late for school…keeping in real/documenting these first moments – also I don’t really care he’s a saint for letting me sleep in). Nick snapped this picture right after Beckett woke up which is nearly simultaneous to when Ramona realizes he’s up.


I wanted to show you all the *ahem* progress we’ve made so for. Above is the kitchen before.

Kitchen During Move

The kitchen after…haha let me just tell you what our strategy at this point is: throw whatever you find in the correct room and break down the box. No method, just throw it. Pay no attention to the “styling” here.

Formal Dining Room

Formal dining room pre move. All. The. Sexiness.

Dining Room Move

And boom what a lovely after. Okay yeah so I’m starting to think that this is the only blog post in history that is showcasing worse after pictures.

Living Room

This is the only pictures I have access to right now for the living room before the move. White walls, wood floors, windows…you know the standard formula around here.

Living Room Move

The living room after. We are going for the whole furniture graveyard vibe mixing in some cardboard boxes with trash accents. It plays nicely with the wood tones.

Kids Room

Ramona’s room before. (Technically this picture is of Beckett’s room, but it’s basically the same.)

Tea Party Chic

Ramona added her side table and chairs for the whole tea party chic look. Then obviously the piano needed to be there. No tea party is complete without a pianist. While it started off with such promise…

Ramona's Room

Things quickly got ugly when she realized how to open boxes and take advantage of distracted parents. Somehow she managed to find the box labeled “toys with a millions pieces each” because seriously there’s tons of small parts scattered everywhere.

So there you have it friends a round up of the worst after pictures in the history of the internet. Just wanted to pop in today and let you know why things will be quiet around here. Moving with 2 kids especially a baby that’s nursing is no joke y’all. Plus we packed all this stuff up 11 months ago. I have no clue where anything is, but I do know we are not minimalist. Geez we have a ton of stuff even after the massive purge we did when we moved.

Happy Wednesday! Wish me all the luck today!

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How to Paint Concrete Floors: Geometric Style

Paint Concrete Floor

We left 2 floors unfinished in the house – the master bath and the utility room. I knew I wanted to paint a concrete floors specifically the utility. I’ve been mildly obsessed with the idea since I’d seen these floors on Little Green Notebook. I couldn’t wait to DIY at the new house, so I just went and painted the concrete floors in the utility room. And you can too..

Painting Concrete Floor a Geometric Pattern

So here’s the before since every dramatic makeover needs a picture like this. I’m standing on the other cabinets to give you a feel of the room.

Painting Concrete Flooring

I used Mandi‘s tutorial on how to paint concrete. I patched a crack with some quickcrete. I missed several holes…oops. Who knew a new floor would have so many holes?? I sanded the floor down with 80 grit paper to prep for the paint!

Painting Concrete Flooring

I picked up a gallon of Sherwin Williams Porch & Floor Enamel in Pure White (same color as our walls). I literally just poured it on the floor and rolled.

Painting a Concrete Floor

Now to nail the pattern down. I knew I wanted something geometric…and 3D. Nick made a parallelogram (did you prep for a math lesson?) in illustrator. You can download the template here. I cut it out on cardboard. I started at the door and worked towards the wall for the first row. Basically I used the handmade (slightly ghetto) stencil to trace, flip, and trace again for each row. I used my quilting ruler when I drew the lines though because it was cleaner than the “stencil”.

Once the first row is set, drawing the pattern is much easier especially with the quilting ruler.

Painting Concrete Floors

I started hand painting…with a craft brush for the outline of the parallelogram. I painted about 20 like that. It. Took. Forever. I was pretty good about getting the line fairly straight, but it wasn’t perfect. Sidenote: I’m not left handed. I just needed a picture.

Painting Concrete Floors

I switched my strategy to frog tape. Surprisingly it saved me a ton of working time even with having to tape. I did have to do 2 rounds of taping per color. You can see some of the hand painted ones versus the taped. The darker color is SW Blue Nile. It took 3 (!!!) coats. Thank God I taped, right?

Painting Concrete Floors

It took about 20 minutes to paint the taped floor in comparison to the 20 minutes per parallelogram that it was taking me to hand paint.

Painting Concrete Floors

Once the darker blue was finished, I taped off for the next color SW Ebbtide. I taped a row then skipped a row and taped the next row. That’s how I should have started with the dark blue, so do it if you attempt painting this pattern. Once I finished those 4 rows (2 coats for the lighter blue with at least 4 hours of dry time),  I taped off the remaining rows and painted.

Painting Concrete Floors

Pull off the tape and bam you’ve got yourself a gorgeous cubed floor. I got my craft brush out for touch ups. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to painting. There definitely a handmade feel because it isn’t perfect, but we find it charming.

Painting Concrete Floors

There was lots of discussion about my floor amongst the subcontractors like, “woah it’s kinda 3D if you look at right,” “are you an artist,” “this is interesting”, and etc… I’m like dudes I’m sitting right here still painting the stupid thing stop walking on it!!

Painting Concrete Floors

I put 2 coats of Concrete Sealer Wet Look from Sherwin Williams. I made sure no one walked on it for 24 hours with a house full of contractors that was not an easy thing. You can’t move furniture (in this case a washer and dryer) on it for 72 hours. Not a problem because I finished about a week before we moved in (yesterday)!

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Birthday Party Favor Bag Printable

favor bag printable

Here’s a super easy DIY that we did on the favor bags for Ramona’s zoo party. We just grabbed standard sized brown lunch sacks (which are currently at the forefront of hipster branding btw) and printed directly on them. (We aren’t quite hipster enough to stamp them, so the printer route worked best for us.)

diy birthday party favor bags

First tape the top and the fold of the bag, so the printer can pull the bag without jamming up. Masking tape or frog tape work perfectly since they peel off easily without ripping.

diy birthday party favor bags

Not the sexiest picture ever, but it’s to illustrate a very important step. We lined up the bag with our printer’s specification. Printed them one at a time since it is easier to avoid jams and offset printing on that way.

diy birthday party favor bags

The elephant you will recognize from the invitation. It’s like we planned it or something. Peel the tape off…

diy birthday party favor bags

You’ve got yourself a pretty stylish birthday favor bag. You can download the file to print the favor bag in blue or pink.

diy birthday party favor bags

We mixed in our threshold image of Ramona from the street art as a favor bag too. I love that the bags are simple with a cute image on them. They aren’t loud or over the top. Plus they stand up on their own. Bonus.

The printing-on-a-lunch-sack technique works for any party even if the elephant doesn’t. You could totally pull off something like this for a baby shower or wedding. Threshold image of the couple? Did I just plan my vow renewal? Maybe.

diy birthday party favor bags

In case you’re looking for some ideas on what to stuff in your birthday party favor bag. I used these goodies.

Animal masks / Slap bracelets / Animal stamps / Animal crackers /
Animal print notebooks / Make-a-face animal stickers

We also made these tattoos. They wouldn’t cut out right on the Silhouette, but still an awesome addition to the favor bags. Did you know you could buy temporary tattoo paper and print your own?! Incredible.

Full disclosure: Affiliate links are included in this post. Along with awesome content and a printable that’s free!!

**Remember these invites are for personal use only. You may not sell them. Also if you blog about the invites, please be kind and reference back to us.

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Free Printable Animal Birthday Party Invitations

free birthday party invitations

Yep FREE birthday party invitations that are also awesome. These are 5 x 7 invitations that you can customize with your birthday party information.

Last year when we uploaded printables for Ramona’s airplane party, the number one question we got was “Can we have the birthday party invitations too?”…. Unfortunately, I lost the file and didn’t feel like recreating it. Not that I’m lazy, but it isn’t a simple process.

Above is the invite I designed for this year’s party. Before I got going I wanted to do one that anyone could download, customize, and use (for personal use obviously). I made two copies this year – one boy-ish, one girlish – that would allow people to change (most of) the text like the name, date, etc. Some of the type treatments had to be dropped, but I think they still look pretty splendid.

   free birthday party invitations

To download and use these party invitations just right-click and select save-as for the invite you want – pink or green. If you click on the invite, it will pop up as a pdf and won’t allow you to input your information properly. Remember right-click and select the save-as option to be able to customize the invite.

We’ve seen some issue with the Preview app on Macs, so don’t use or it will look weird. Make sure you open the file in Adobe Reader. You can select “highlight existing fields” to show the areas where you customize your text. Note the background is still the same blue. It’s only highlighted to show you where to pop in your child’s name, date, and location to personalize the invitation to your party specifications.

If your computer doesn’t default to Adobe Reader, then right-click your saved invitation, select “open with” on the menu, then click Adobe Reader.

These invites would work great for a circus or animal party too! We went with an elephant because the Fort Worth Zoo welcomed 2 (!!!) baby elephants this year. Can you imagine being the mother of twin elephants?

DIY lace crown tutorial

Amber is over at A Bubbly Life sharing her tutorial on Ramona’s lace crown. Make sure to check it out.

We will be back tomorrow with 1 more birthday DIY with printable!

**Remember these invites are for personal use only. You may not sell them. Also if you blog about the invites, please be kind and reference back to us.

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Ramona’s Zoo Birthday Party


We set the birthday party bar pretty high on Ramona’s 3rd. About a month before Ramona turned 4 (and about a week before Beckett came), we were in a panic about what we were going to do.

Obviously the house wasn’t finished to have the party there…unless you call no electricity and a complete construction zone a party. We decided it was best to have it where there was no threat of injury. Enter the Fort Worth Zoo.


Since we had an hour for set up and take down, we had to keep the decor to a minimum. We just didn’t have the time, so we wanted to make sure what we did was awesome. We used Caitlin‘s genius DIY of succulents in these geometric dip bowls. I used the picture from Ramona’s street art with “is 4″ cut from the Silhouette machine.

This was such a simple centerpiece. It took about 30 minutes to create the whole thing, and it was ready to put on the table. Bam. Who knew throwing a party could be easy?


It wouldn’t be a party without a Fort Worth classic – a Black Forrest Cake from Swiss Pastry Shop. It’s gluten free and totally delicious. We cut the “Happy Birthday Ramona” with the Silhouette. Instead of the using the letters, we used the cut out for a punch out effect. It was easier to attach to the baker’s twine and gave us a more unique look. That elephant image was used on the invite…which we will have up as a printable for you!


With little ones, cupcakes are always easier especially on location. I got 6″ candles since I love the look of giant candles. 6″ isn’t giant but on a cupcake the proportions make me happy.


Believe it or not Beckett slept through the entire party. That was back in his chill days like age 0-3.5 weeks.

So there’s our relatively fuss free zoo birthday party. Simple DIYs that made a big difference. The centerpieces made the space feel less like a classroom. The cake and food is always top notch with us (Nick smoked some pork…it was delicious). The kids got to go into the zoo afterwards. It was a win for all.

We are looking forward to sharing the invite and favor bag printables with you later this week!

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DIY Birthday Street Art


Nothing like blogging about a project 4-5 months after it happened, right? Well welcome to Ramona’s birthday week. Sit back and enjoy some birthday DIYs while the house finishes this week (fingers crossed).

A cool tradition in the town that we moved to, one that’s been going on for as long as anyone can remember, is painting an old railroad building to tell someone happy birthday. The building is right along the road that drives through the center of town so everyone can see it. It’s a really endearing small town tradition.

This year, for Ramona’s birthday, I decided I would do it a bit differently… street art style. The whole time I was working on it I kept telling Amber “I’m pretty much the Banksy of [insert town name here]”


I’ll skip over the technical details, but basically I created a threshold image of Ramona in photoshop. Exported it to Illustrator, so I could create a vector image out of it. Once I blew the image up, I took it to Office Max and had them print it out on their giant plot printer. It printed 36 inches wide, so I made it 72″ x 72″ to have 2 long prints that would need to be connected.

Photo was from our maternity session with J Noel Photography.

The prints kept screwing up, so I had to end up print them about 50 different ways. Eventually we got a combination that would work.

I went that night with Amber’s sister Apryle, and we painted the wall pink. Remember Beckett was 2 weeks old, so Amber was preoccupied.


The next night I made some wheatpaste… which is basically just boiling water and flour together until the gluten forms a glue.


I went out when it was dark, well because it just seemed right, and mopped on the glue. Yes mopped with an actual mop.


Once the surface was covered, I put up the prints and mopped over them with the wheatpaste. And continued to paste until all of Ramona was all the way up on the wall. It’s a similar process to Mod Podge.

We placed the letter individually the same way.


The next day was Ramona’s actual birthday, so we took her in the morning to show her our little birthday card to her. She loved it, though I’m not sure she appreciated how much work it was. Hopefully she’ll see this when she gets older and think we were cool parents back in the day.

She called it the “big Nona” – Nona is our nickname for her. Hilarious because she calls the Statue of Liberty the “big lady”. We can’t pass the building now without having to read her what’s on it. Nothing says I love you like birthday street art especially when it’s legal.

Check out more of the birthday party, grab a printable invitation, and see our favor bags with a free printable!

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