DIY Stamped Curtains: How to Stamp Custom Drapes


Once we started planning and budgeting for the nursery, we decided DIY stamped curtains would give us the biggest impact for the cost especially since we needed 118″ curtains. We picked up some LENDA curtains from IKEA. They are tabbed at the top, but I sewed the tabs down to get a cleaner look. See how Kelly did that here.

How to Stamp Curtains-2

So there were lots of ideas about what we should stamp – bacon, t-bone, beard – you know all things Ron Swanson. Eventually we settled on a lightning bolt. It’s a cool shape and can transition easily when it’s time for Swanson to retire.

I bought a stamp template with a wood backing at Hobby Lobby. It was around $2. The stamp cutter is similar to this one. Make sure to flip your shape when you draw it onto your block. You can see how the paper lightning bolt is the correct orientation while the one on the carved stamp is backwards.

I carved all of the rubber off around the bolt to ensure I wouldn’t press down too hard and mark up the drapes where they weren’t supposed to be.

How to Stamp Curtains-4

I mixed the leftover Tricorn Black from the mountain mural for the paint. I did add fabric medium just to be on the safe side. I brushed the paint on my stamp instead of dipping it into a container. I wanted to control the amount of paint (no bleeding or drips) and ensure the entire stamp was covered. You can see that sometimes I did stamp outside of the lines so to speak. I just used some Honest Stain Remover + a baby wipe to clean it up quickly before it dried.

How to Stamp Curtains-6

The amazing thing about using LENDA curtains is they have faint vertical stripes, so spacing the lightning bolts was super easy. I used the level to make sure they were straight horizontally, and I was set. I used cardboard to protect the floor.

How to Stamp Curtains-5

There were times when the stamp didn’t quite fill in the whole shape. I just used a paper cut out of the lightning bolt (like you saw in the stamp supplies picture),  brushed paint on it, and lined it up for another “stamp”. I couldn’t use my actual stamp to restamp since the wood backing blocked my ability to line it up to the original bolt. The paper method worked well though, so bullet dodged.

How to Stamp Curtains-1

The lightning bolt was the perfect amount of pattern to mix into the nursery. Beckett clearly loves it. He was eager to show off his bald head for the blog. Or maybe he was just being camera shy. The world will never know.

The stamp effect has a really charming handmade feel to it which fits with the room.

How to Stamp Curtains-3The curtains are not lined with black out liner, but I might do that later. However if I’m being honest, I probably won’t because a) laziness and b) I like how they look – all breezy and sheerish. The black blinds help tremendously with blocking the light. Plus the direction of the sun into the room at nap and bedtime works in our favor.

We hung the drapes with a Mid-Century Wooden Rod. It is beautiful and masculine. Plus the wood tone definitely fits with the feel of the room, and gold is always a good idea.

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Wallpaper Revisited

So one time like a month and half ago, I was fixated on ordering wallpaper for our living room. I was determined to have it ordered and up within the week. Okay maybe I wasn’t that ambitious, but I wanted to have it ordered. Then I remembered I needed to finish the nursery. Priorities. I just want to take this time to congratulate myself on controlling my ADD long enough to finish up a space.

On to the choices and how y’all voted. All of them are Rifle Paper Co. from Hygge & West because duh. Also don’t judge my photoshopping too much.

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Haven Recap

Haven 2014-1

The entire Wills family headed to Atlanta last week, so I could attend Haven Conference. Beckett was less thrilled about the plane ride, but whatevs baldy it’s for the sake of a blog education.

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The Ron Swanson Nursery

Mountain Mural

So last week (actually, the week before but who’s counting) Amber talked about the Mountain mural we did for Beckett’s Nursery.

Today I’m going to talk about the inspiration for the Ron Swanson theme and show the rest of the nursery.

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Living Pretty with Pets


I’m over at Cuckoo for Design telling the story behind our dogs, Faith and Sara. Make sure to grab some tissue and head over!

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Mountain Mural: The Makings of a Ron Swanson Nursery

Mountain Mural

Remember that time when I had a baby who was almost 9 months and he was all like dude mom finish my nursery before I go off to college? Real judgey for a bald baby with a booger in his nose.

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Blinds for the Nursery

It’s finally here. We are finally  ready to talk about the nursery. Were you waiting in eager anticipation for the last 3 months? No? You forgot that we blogged? Well, that wasn’t very nice of you to say.

Anyways, we’re going to start talking about some parts of the nursery first, and eventually getting around to showing the whole room finished. Backwards? Yes. But we decided to not wait until the room is completely styled and photographed to start putting this stuff out there.

Select Blinds

So… Blinds. When we moved into the house we immediately needed to keep the neighbors from seeing all the shady stuff that we do, so we put up temporary paper blinds. The longest ones we could find at Home Depot weren’t long enough for our windows, so we ended up connecting two on each window (pretty much the classiest look in existence).

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Small Moments and the Current State of Things

Some moments and the current state of things

I think we have hit somewhat of a brick wall over here. I’d like to say it’s because we are just plain exhausted from making house decisions. There’s probably something to that. However if I’m totally honest with myself, I know it’s because we are just awful at pulling the trigger on finishing things (i.e. the last 5% of the nursery – it’s coming guys I promise).

We had like 2 things hanging on the wall in our first house. We didn’t hang anything until a pinterest challenge made us in the last house. I was hoping that would change when we moved here. I mean it will be at least 4 years until we move again, right? (Cue maniacal laughter then insert tears.)

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Wallpaper Love: Rifle Paper Co + Hygge and West


Let’s just talk about the elephant in the room. The 202″ x 83″ elephant known as the untextured placeholder of a wall that needs some wallpaper. Sometimes I just sit on the couch and get anxiety while I stare at it. Obviously I’m dealing with real problems around here.

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10 Years, 10 Things, a Decade of Marriage

10 Year Anniversary

I just can’t even believe I’m writing this post. You guys, Nick and I have been married for 10 years (!!!!!!!!) today – a whole decade, more than a third of our lives which is the weirder part of that. We wanted to share a little bit about our love story (cue the awww’s) and some fun facts – 10 fun facts to be exact – with you. (Rhyme unintentional.)

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