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Craigslist Dresser Find

Amber is obsessed with Craigslist. It’s ok for me to say that because it’s been clinically diagnosed, and we’re working through it together. She’s also obsessed with mid century modern furniture. Mix the two together, and you’re dealing with borderline … Continue reading

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West Elm Fabric, Outlet Prices

Last month before we settled on the Serena & Lily fabric for the chair facelift, Nick and I took a quick trip to the Dallas fabric outlets in search of some fabric for the seat bottoms. The third store on our trek was Wherehouse Fabrics (no I … Continue reading

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Shop: Inheritance (Los Angeles)

The day was December 30. We had been fabric shopping all morning and pondering mid century modern buffets in the afternoon. Dusk was approaching swiftly, and we knew it was time to do the last thing on our agenda: antique shopping. … Continue reading

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January Goal Check

I set some goals because that’s what you do at the beginning of the year. I figured I would share some of them with you. Hopefully it holds me accountable throughout the year since I really only do well with … Continue reading

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