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The day was December 30. We had been fabric shopping all morning and pondering mid century modern buffets in the afternoon. Dusk was approaching swiftly, and we knew it was time to do the last thing on our agenda: antique shopping. Equipped only with Emily Henderson’s LA Shopping Guide, we set out to cover as much ground as possible.

*cue the wahwahs* Problem: every single store on the list closed early that day, except one. Enter Inheritance. A small, but mighty store. One full of heart, whimsy, nostalgia, banter and pretty much any other positive decriptor you would ever use on an antique store.


When we walked in, I knew immediately it was my kind of store. The aesthetic is very manly. Lots of funky/odd artwork, which I love (have you seen my squirrel art?), industrial type accessories, old cameras, etc.

The store is an old loft, split into two levels. Neither of which is very large, both of which are chocked full of some of the coolest stuff you’ll find anywhere.

Looking back at the pictures, I almost forgot how amazing the stock in the store is. I’m not an expert (or really that experienced either), but I can honestly say that it is the best curated antique store I’ve ever been in. Apparently Apartment Therapy agrees because they named it a top 15 Vintage Store in the country for 2011 (didn’t realize that until I went to write this post last night).

They mix in some new items too, which I think is neat. Some letterpress cards, funky china and even some modern furniture. Everything is done with extremely great taste and the vignettes inside the store are simply amazing.

The prices here weren’t crazy cheap, but they weren’t bad either. I actually expected it to be a lot more expensive since it’s LA, but it was very similar to the shops in downtown Dallas.


The owner Michael, seen above, was a really nice guy. He’s probably the hippest antique store owner I’ve ever met. Hopefully there will be a trend towards the antique shops in our area moving in a similar direction (less old woman, more plates with anatomy on them).

If you’re ever in the area, be sure to check it out. If you can’t get there, he has an online shop  on his website. WIN WIN!

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  1. mike says:

    I just got the link from the comment you left. Thanks alot for all the nice things you said. I really appreciate it.

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