West Elm Fabric, Outlet Prices

Last month before we settled on the Serena & Lily fabric for the chair facelift, Nick and I took a quick trip to the Dallas fabric outlets in search of some fabric for the seat bottoms. The third store on our trek was Wherehouse Fabrics (no I didn’t spell that wrong that’s how it appears on my bank statement), the place we got the fabric for our living room drapes.

As soon as we walked in, we saw this rack. We both walked straight to it, well more specifically the gray ikat. Our mouths just sort of dropped, but officially hit the floor when we saw the selvage.

You have probably figured out by now that we are West Elm crazy, and these drapes have been on my radar ever since I saw this post on Young House Love. The fabric is the same as the drapes except it’s a bit heavier which is a plus for me.

I tried to play it cool when I was asking about the price. They said $6 per yard. I was freaking out at that price for the record, but I asked if I bought yardage in bulk if I could get it cheaper. They said if I bought the whole roll (53 yards) I could get it for $5 per yard. I wasn’t about to buy 53 yards even at that price. Sidenote: The fabric is $30 per yard at West Elm, so it was an insane deal to begin with.

We walked to another store to game plan…and call Jamie to see if she wanted in. The problem was I didn’t measure for drapes because I was only going for chair fabric, so I had no idea how much fabric I needed. When we returned, I asked if I bought 20 yards if I could get it for $5. The lady agreed. We paid $108.25 for 20 yards of West Elm fabric. I was pretty giddy.

Pete and Jamie came over (with some amazing steaks – they know our love language) for their 10 yards. We did some fantastic measuring here by just pulling it from one end of the house to the other. I mean seriously who wants to measure 10 yards out??

Well the answer to that question is Jamie because when she got home she measured and was short 2 yards. I still haven’t measured mine, but I guess I technically have 12 yards. The Weydecks are going to make drapes for their living room. The Wills…well, er…I think we are going to make drapes for the game room. It’s okay though because our 2 rooms won’t be seen in public together wearing the same drapes, so they are good.

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