DIY Anthropologie Napkins

Let me set the stage (or more appropriately the table) for you. We had to arrange a table for the Dare to DIY challenge. We had no idea what to do being tablescape virgins, so we did what normal people do…read blogs and check pinterest. Luckily the week before Thanksgiving is flooded with tablescape inspiration. I ran into this tablescape on Design*Sponge with some beautiful napkins.


Oh those napkins! I wanted them so bad. Problem is I only wanted the hot pink ones. They are sold in a set with the different colors like the picture above. Bummer. I couldn’t shake my love for them, so I figured I might as well DIY them. Since I know you are lusting after them now, here’s how you too can make some Anthropologie inspired napkins to wipe your pretty mouth.


  • Napkins (shocker – I dyed mine but if you can find napkins in the color you want just make sure to prewash them)
  • Flexible Ruler
  • Fabric Paint (mine was Tulip Metallics Soft in Gold)
  • Spouncer (mine was 3/4″)
  • Craft brush (not pictured but still necessary)
To be honest this project is a bit of an undertaking. Make sure you give yourself about 30-45 minutes per napkin.

I taped the napkin and the ruler onto my table, so it wouldn’t move while I worked. Word to the wise, put something underneath your fabric because it will bleed through. Luckily the fabric paint came off the table without much trouble.

I began in the center with the first polka dot cut in half at the exact center. The ruler was about 1 inch thick, so I spaced the dots 1 inch diagonally as well.

I am way too much of a perfectionist to not use a small craft brush. When you use the spouncer, the dot doesn’t fill in equally. The craft brush smooths out your dot and makes sure the entire dot is filled.

It’s quicker to make your polka dots using the spouncer all the way down the line. Then go back with your craft brush and perfect them.

You already have your spacing established, so the 2nd line is much easier because you just hop over the ruler and dot down the line.

*Yes I was listening to Christmas music whilst polka dotting. Nick was making book page Christmas trees, and Ramona made the biggest mess ever with playdoh got creative in her own way.

Move the ruler down. Line it up at the bottom of the previous line of dots. Keep moving that ruler and just go on polka dotting the crap outta them napkins. The paint dries in 4 hours. It says it can be washed if you turn it inside out…not possible for napkins. I say just hand wash them which was my suggestion if you dyed them anyway.

You can see that I didn’t polka dot past the thread. I put painters tape on the thread line if I needed to put a half dot. Basically the same thing you would do if you were painting stripes on the wall.

They are definitely statement napkins. (May be the weirdest thing I’ve ever said written.) Anthropologie inspired but there’s definitely a Kate Spade feel to them as well. Now go polka dot something before this trend is passe (I hope that never happens).

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20 Responses to DIY Anthropologie Napkins
  1. Yes!!! The tutorial I’ve been waiting for is here! :) Is it weird that I want to polka dot everything now? Don’t answer that…

    PS: Love that glittery gold font you used in the first photo!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Love. And now I want to dye a table cloth and make it have polka dots for Kaylee’s bday party since I still haven’t found an affordable table cloth that I like. Hand stamping polka dots on an entire table cloth may be a little nuts?!?

  3. There just aren’t enough polka dots in the world. So happy to see you on a mission to fix that. I never met at good polka dot I did not like. These napkins look fantastic!! Now I need to ponder what I can dot…. <-

    • Amber says:

      I couldn’t agree more! I think I had to default to polka dots once my stripe limit was surpassed. Good thing they work so well together! Please go polka dot something because I know it will be simply amazing!

  4. I’m still drooling over these. You all are super talented. I’m glad we’ve become blog buddies through the DIY.

    • Amber says:

      Thanks Michelle! I have just the napkin to wipe up that drool! The challenges are great. It’s been so fun getting to make more blog friends. (Nobody understand us.) 😉

  5. Tamsyn says:

    I love these!! I’m definitely going to make some before Christmas. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  6. What a fantastic idea! I can almost smell it :) Mmmmm. LOVE the fabric lids and jute, well the whole presentation is awesome!!

    • Amber says:

      Thanks! Presentation is always the seller. If it looks good, then it must be right! I think we’ve been hard wired to think that! Although in this case I’d like to believe that it looks good and is in fact good.

  7. oh my i love these so much! by the way, your little fam is too cute! love that family photo by shepard fairey’s artword. so neat. reminds me i really need to drive over there and see it! xo

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  9. sarah says:

    So, I’m curious. What were the dimensions of your napkins? I’m sewing mine from scratch.

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