A Years Worth of Interestingness

You got the breakdown of the typical blog stats yesterday. I thought it would be fun to share something that has made us laugh along with some features that left us beaming like a parent who just watched their kid potty on the toilet. (Yes I went there.)


One of our funniest search engine terms was “beast wife.” I have no idea what that person hoped to find when they clicked to read this post, but I’m sure they left disappointed. I don’t look at search engine terms on a daily basis, but sometimes the phrases catch my eye and provide some nice entertainment.

If you search “beast wife” and are reading this post, then welcome I’m glad we could find each other.

The most interesting (and by far the coolest) thing has been the support from the blog community. When we started it was mainly so I could have interaction with people even if it was just via the internet (sometimes being a stay at home mom is lonely). Of course getting stuff done around here was a huge plus.

I was hesitant to put myself out there at first, but seriously people have been incredibly sweet and encouraging. It truly has been a wonderful year. Here’s some of the highlights and a little of us loving y’all back. (The links are to the features.)

Ramona’s birthday party on Apartment Therapy Family

Christmas Tablescape on West Elm

Ombre Dresser on Babycenter

I was on the freaking radio with Frank Fontana.

Ombre Dresser / Color Blocked Bentwoods / Christmas Tablescape
(Thanks for the triple love Cassie!)

Airplane Costume on Ugly Duckling House

Christmas Mantel on Ten June

Polaroid Christmas Tree on Honey We’re Home

Of course I have to thank Kim, Rachel, Michelle, and Chelsea for hosting Dare to DIY and featuring 3 of our projects – Thanks Collage, Tablescape, and Sugar Scrub.

Crazy year huh?

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13 Responses to A Years Worth of Interestingness
  1. I LOVE that she is obsessed with airplanes. As a female aviator, it makes me SO happy when girls love airplanes :) It’s tender to me! I’m glad your year has been full of success!

  2. Yay! That’s a great year. We have some really really weird search terms. And a lot of our referring sites are porn (I think it’s the ‘ass ho’ in our name) even just today we got “putting mason jar up ass” my eyes almost exploded out of my head. Whenever I see a dirty site referral, I’m like “Well, I hope they liked the lamp!”

    …The things the internet shows us… and you have been spotlighted a LOT! That is great!

  3. Danggggg! You guys have been featured a TON! Congrats on the Apartment Therapy and Front & Main features! I don’t think I was around for those but that’s super exciting :)

  4. Wow you have been featured a TON!! Awesome. Congratulations!! Did they find you or did you find them?

    • Amber says:

      Thank you! Most of the features came from link up parties (pinterest challenge) which is encouraging since there were some serious projects submitted. Babycenter and the radio show found us. I assume through search engines. We submitted the tablescape to West Elm. The ombre dresser was featured several other places, but it was becoming too tedious to track all of that down. I should have been better about keeping track of it from the beginning. It was the most featured project for sure.

  5. Woot! What an amazingly successful year you had! And “beast wife”? Hah!

    Thanks for shouting out Dare to DIY! I made sure to put your sugar scrub at the top of the 20 handmade gift collage because I have your back like that.

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