Peg Board Cross Stitch Sign

DIY Peg Board Cross Stitch

Despite being homeless {or whatever}, we can’t miss out on the pinterest challenge. I mean how else is anything going to get done!


 My inspiration is this pegboard. I love the cross stitch and the quirk of this sign. (Also isn’t the pink wood table incredible?)

I bought some peg board and bi-folding door knobs from Home Depot. I had Home Depot cut it down to 43 1/2″ x 17″.

We did have to purchase small screws for the knobs since the long screws wouldn’t work on the peg board.

We went to JoAnn’s to pick our color palette. These are the colors we are planning on using in Ramona’s big girl room. The sign will eventually be in her room as a catch all for her purses and etc. since she’s 3 going on 16.

Use a pencil to sketch the outline of HELLO! unto the peg board.

I taped the end of the yarn to make pulling it through the hole easier. I didn’t get an action shot because I would lose all DIY cred if you saw the mess I was crafting in. You can see from the pattern on the back how to pull the yarn.

I used hot glue to hold the yarn at the back. Then I taped it to keep the yarn from unraveling.

I love how it turned out. It was very simple. It took about 2 hours to complete. It would be great in an entry or mud room. Everyone loves a good peg board, and this project makes it prettier and all that much more lovable.

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33 Responses to Peg Board Cross Stitch Sign
  1. I love this! I’ve been meaning to make one for awhile :)

  2. Love this sign. This is so cute. And you know I am a sucker for cross stitch :) Awesome!!!

  3. ooh, love it! I have a nostalgic affection for cross stitch, since my mom was big on it when I was little. Must do something like this.

  4. Rachel says:

    I love this a lot. Onto the to-do list you go!

    • Amber says:

      Thanks! Yes first thing on that list is to stop being homeless! I have 6 nearly full balls of yarn now if only I knew someone who crocheted! 😉

  5. cassie says:

    LOVE!!! i have this idea pinned, too, and want to do it somewhere! i want something for outside so maybe i will make an outdoor greeting…. i need things to calm down here though and have more time!

    • Amber says:

      I think I pinned it from you actually! It’s a great idea! I’m sure whatever you do it will turn out amazing whenever you find the time!

  6. Tamsyn says:

    This is way too cute! I have such a soft spot for cross stitch because my mum used to make and frame them to decorate our bedrooms when my sister and I were little :)

  7. This is darling. I’m kind of in love.

  8. So sweet. I can just picture it with all manner of girly things hanging off the knobs :)

  9. This turned out so awesome! You always make the most creative and fun projects. So inspiring and unique.

    • Amber says:

      Thanks Kim! I try! It will look better once it’s up. You think Ryan can DIY that pink wood sidetable in the picture for me?? :)

  10. That’s really cute! I also love that airplane costume =)

  11. I love how vintage this looks. It doesn’t look too hard either. You are wonderfully inspiring.

    • Amber says:

      It’s incredibly easy. I mean I pulled it off right! :) Thanks Kenz! That made my day. Also you’re pretty inspiring yourself!

  12. I love this! It’d be a fun project to do with my kiddos!

  13. Amber! I love love LOVE this idea — I somehow haven’t seen this pic on Pinterest. Your version turned out exactly like the original, love it. I have a giant pegboard downstairs and I’m seriously thinking of dragging it up now………..

  14. Love it! And also love one of your other interest challenges. New fan and new follower!


  15. I love this! I can’t wait to see it in Ramona’s new room with all of her little things hanging on the hooks!

    • Amber says:

      I can’t wait either! My impatience is mainly due to the fact that we share a room right now, so yea let’s get this kid a room quick!

  16. This is so adorable! I have “Hello” painted in my entryway…so I’m a bit partial to it. Great job!

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