IKEA Dream Home + Blogger Style: Kid’s Room

Today is an exciting day people. I have teamed up with 5 amazing bloggers to decorate an entire home using only IKEA products. It’s the brain child of Katja who is basically an IKEA sensei.

Each of us was randomly assigned a room (done via cute video and all). Then we created a mood board exclusively with IKEA products. I got kid’s room which is a great follow up to nursery week. So once that baby is done being well a baby, here’s some big kid room inspiration (assuming the kid is a girl).

1. MASKROS Pendant Lamp // 2. KORT Art Cards // 3. KAJSAMIA Curtains
4. OLUNDA Picture //5. FICUS LYRATA //6. SALMBAR Plant Pot
7. SAMSPELT Deer //8. GASPA Duvet // 9. ALGORT Fabric
10. FJELLSE bed // 11. LED Lamp //12. SELJE Nightstand
13. AGEN Child’s Chair // 14. RIBBA Picture Ledges (photo via)

There was a lot of pattern going on in this room, so I wanted to keep the main pieces (rug, curtains, duvet) black and white. I feel like kid’s rooms can get crazy in a hurry with all their toys and general kid stuff. It’s best to keep pattern and color down to a minimum. Another bonus to the black and white base is that you can change your mind about the pop colors on a whim. You aren’t suck.

I threw in a little DIY too. I love the fabric at IKEA, so I knew I had to work it in somewhere. I found that beautiful pink, orange, and gray fabric to upholster the bed in following this tutorial. Aren’t feeling that ambitious? Buy the fabric and make pillows or a duvet with it. That fabric makes the room.

On our last IKEA trip, I saw the wicker chairs in child size. It took a lot for me to hold off buying them. They are adorable. I like the texture it brings to the room, but they would be great for outdoors too. We had the picture ledges as a bookcase in Ramona’s nursery. It was one of my favorite things. If you can do floor to ceiling with it, then go for it!

Make sure you check out the other rooms on the IKEA home tour:

Living Room by Anu at Nalle’s House

Outdoor Living by Ainhoa at A Little Bite of Everything

Master Bedroom by Katja at Shift Ctrl Art

Kitchen by Kim at Newly Woodwards

Bathroom by Gretchen at Boxy Colonial

**None of us were perked or encouraged by IKEA to post this. It’s just something Katja wanted to do, and we all thought it was too awesome to pass up! Hope you enjoyed it!

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32 Responses to IKEA Dream Home + Blogger Style: Kid’s Room
  1. Love the hacked headboard. That will look so amazing with the gray duvet set. It’s so much fun to see IKEA through your eyes. Love the basket plant holder with the red stripe. I hadn’t even see that one and here I am thinking how fabulous it looks :)

  2. Ainhoa says:

    I wanted to add a hack as well but couldn’t think of anything! Love your idea. Have you seen Manhattan Nest’s hack of that same bed? It’s awesome, too.

  3. Anu says:

    Love the mix of patterns! The headboard hack is such a great idea. I love that pink fabric too – Now if I could figure out how to add it to my house full of boys. :)

  4. Love it! That fabric is amazing, and great idea re: the bed hack. Now that I know about the tiny wicker chairs, I will have to go to Ikea right now and get one for Abe. And you wouldn’t have to switch out much to have a boyish/gender neutral thing going on….different fabric for the headboard and something other than the flower prints on the wall and you’re good to go! (I have a lot to say; I’m a little kid-room obsessed) I’m definitely planning on some bookshelves like that when we move Abe over to his own room :)

  5. cassie says:

    i am planning to get some of that pink and orange fabric to make emmy some pillow shams- love it!

  6. May says:

    The RIBBA Picture Ledges are my fave! :)

    • Amber says:

      They are so versatile! I left ours at the old house because I wasn’t about to patch all the holes! I figured I’d have to spray paint them a different color anyway, so might as well leave them as sort of a house warming/I’m too lazy gift.

  7. I love that fabric and those flower prints! Cute ideas!

  8. IKEA hacks are glorious things. Good call :) And I am OBSESSED with that type writer print. How darling is that?!

  9. I’m really digging that fabric you found as a hack! Such a great idea!

    I would love this room! So, I’m sure any kids would love it, too.

    Also, I seriously need those wicker chairs. They are too cute!

  10. Jessica says:

    I’m SUCH an Ikea fan. Even as an adult with a slightly larger budget than in my college years, I still use Ikea products all the time. This post and entire series is SO inspiring as I get ready to finish up our formal living/dining room and design our play room. LOVE!

    • Amber says:

      Thank you Jessica! I have no doubt you are going to have an amazing living room because it’s pretty spectacular now! Can’t wait to see the finishing touches! It’s nice to add a little IKEA in there sometimes. All of Nick’s college stuff was Nick. I wish we had pictures of it somewhere.

  11. Katja’s so clever for coming up with these challenges! I love how your kid’s room turned out – I NEED that little deer 😉 You’re a pattern mixing magician!

  12. The typewriter print is adorable! I love it.

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