Holiday Gift Guide for Men

Normally when Christmas time comes around, its not too hard for me to come up with a giant list of things I want. Unfortunately, while building the house this year, I’ve shut down all internet shopping so as to avoid unnecessary (non-house) expenses. So this gift guide was a bit of a struggle for me.

But I broke this one down into my 3 main hobbies/interests: Style, Food, and Home. And if Amber can’t think of anything to get me after this, well then she’s helpless.

First up are the gifts for the Mr. Mad Style in your life (aka Mr. “Oh God please don’t call me a metrosexual”)

1 – Stafford Harris Tweed Blazer ($149)     2 – Camo Lambswool Sweater ($99)     3 – Colorblock Hooded Parka ($39)     4 – Alfred Sargent Double Monk Strap Shoes ($525)     5 – Reverse Denim Weekender ($95)     6 – Essential Belt ($40)

Next up are the gifts for Mr. Home Chef (aka Mr. “I like pig butts and I cannot lie”).

1 – Pickles, Pigs & Whiskey by John Currence ($28)     2 – Serious Eats KettlePizza Kit ($400)     3 – Maldon flake salt tin ($2)     4 – Mahogany Coffee Drip Station ($30)     5 – Whipped Cream Maker ($76)     6 – Askinosie Gingerbread Chocolate ($13)     7 – Eagle Rare 17yr

Last up is Mr. House Blogger (aka Mr. “I made the camera extra large so Amber would take the hint”).

1 – Nikon Df ($2750)     2 – Tanner Leather OMFGCO Coaster ($25)     3 – Pendleton Camp Blanket ($139)     4 – Glass Terrarium ($55)     5 – Music Hall MMF 2.2LE ($499)     6 – Wall Cabinet ($150)     7 – Best Made Co. Enamel Steel Cups ($32)

So there it is: my Christmas list for 2013. Hopefully it helps some of you ladies out on what to by your fella. Hopefully he’s really into clothes, food and houses like I am.

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16 Responses to Holiday Gift Guide for Men
  1. Ainhoa says:

    I love all the suggestions, for myself, LOL. We have a whipped cream maker / siphon and it is SO useful to make any type of mousses, even savory ones. Such a great tool for someone who loves to cook.

  2. I like the man bag. One of those “oh look we can both use this” gifts.

  3. Ohhh more gifts. More cameras. I am of course immediately drawn to the whipped cream maker. I also really like the blanket :) I am trying to imagine how you use a coffee drip station, but I am coming up short… Hmmm…

    • Nick says:

      The drip station is for making pour over coffee. I make coffee in the pour over method just about every morning if time permits (unless I make it on an aeropress).

  4. oh…the Nikon D4….I really think it need to live in my home (my other Nikons need some fancy new company!)

  5. Julia@Cuckoo4Design says:

    Love all the suggestions. I might have to get my hubby that camo sweater. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Kim says:

    I had to snort at the metrosexual comment. You have a vast wish list. Hope Santa (or amber) brings you every thing on your list. My husband has given me zero ideas. Maybe something from your list?

  7. I think anything from Everlane is a perfect gift- especially that weekender. I’ve had it on my want list since they released it! I think I am going to get my husband their Cashmere Hat for Christmas this year..even though he has a strict “don’t buy me anything” rule. How could you not like a cashmere sock hat? Right?

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