October Goal Check

Our word for October was Fall. (Check out Katja too.) October is always crazy around here with 3 family birthday including our Princess. Then Halloween and sugar highs. It’s like a constant party. Of course this year we added lots of final home decisions to the mix to just completely bog us down. We will get you updated soon! Don’t worry we aren’t even close to moving in yet, so there’s no way we won’t catch up by then right?

So we hosted a Pumpkin Parade with some fabulous ladies which hello serious fall inspiration all over that link up!

Pumpkins I am fixated on black and gold at the moment. (Who isn’t?) I painted and stenciled some pumpkins to feed that design addiction.

Mainly my October was been about taking a step back from the blog to focus on these two. We celebrated Ramona’s 4th (!!!!) birthday which is like a 2 week long event. Plus we are relearning all about newborns again. Beckett is just precious even when he’s fussy (quivering frowny lips are the new thing btw), and we all just adore him especially Ramona.

For Halloween I dressed the kids as Max and Ruby. Ramona has always loved their Shopping book. I sewed Ramona’s jumper. I had no sewing scissors or straight pens, but it turned out pretty darn good. She was so excited about her costume. Of course you can tell from the picture above, Beckett really didn’t care about being Max. He may have mentioned something about not getting any candy despite his adorable costume.

November is all about being Thankful, so basically every post this month will be something I’m insanely grateful for which happens to be progress on the house. Is everyone else getting that warm and fuzzy holiday feeling?

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18 Responses to October Goal Check
  1. cassie says:

    love the costume idea- so cute!!! and now i am singing the theme in my head. did you and nick disappear and let gramma take over like max and ruby’s parents?

    • Amber says:

      Well technically our little Max didn’t go trick or treating with Ruby, but my mom did take Ruby Ramona so yes in a way we did follow the no parents guidelines.

  2. I for one can’t wait for Turkey. Big fan right here. That jumper looks great! Fun outfits!

    • Amber says:

      Thanks! I figure I should take advantage of dressing them in coordinating costumes until they just won’t let me anymore! Good gracious I can’t wait for Thanksgiving either. The only thing I don’t like about Thanksgiving is planning our meals and location around the Cowboys game. These are Texas problems!

  3. Great costumes! At least one kid was happy about them :) Next year is your prime year for coordinating costumes, I think–start planning now 😉

  4. Love Max and Ruby!
    When you talk about Ramona and Beckett, I have to think back to my 2, because like I said before they are exactly the same amount of years apart as yours. Mine have September birthdays though.
    Is Ramona being a great helper after all?

    • Amber says:

      Ramona is such a great helper. She is a little too excitable around him still, but she really loves him. It’s precious.

      Beckett is the end of September, and Ramona is the beginning of October. They are exactly 3 years and 50 weeks apart which is surprisingly a great age gap at this point. Please tell me it stays a great age gap!

  5. You are the cutest mom ever. You make me so excited to finally get this child out of me. I’m glad Ramona has been doing good with Beckett. Your family is just so beautiful!

  6. Anu says:

    Love the costumes! So precious! Enjoy the newborn phase fussiness and all. Strangely, now that my youngest turned one, I have been missing the baby bouncing, late night feeds and spit up. Crazy, right?!

  7. I am feeling that holiday feeling! Love these last beautiful days of fall and eager to enjoy the cozy holiday season! xo Kristin

  8. Sounds like you had a busy October and will be having an even busier November! Love all the pumpkin decor links. We did a very low-key toddler-friendly pumpkin decorating project this year, just some glitter glue scribbling, but it was still fun. :-)

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