Painting the Brick

Yesterday I talked about our cast stone getting installed. It had a lot of red to it, so it posed a challenge when selecting an exterior color. The plan had always been to paint the house a cream. We started with 3 swatches (all from Sherwin Williams) – Panda White, Wool Skein, and Pacer White.

The Wool Skein was too similar to the color of the cast stone. I really wanted the Pacer White since I used that color on our bentwoods. I though it would be a great story, but I didn’t really care for it once it was up. We weren’t overly thrilled with these options. They had too much brown in them, so we decided to go lighter.

You can barely tell the difference between Pure White and Snowbound on the swatch, but we had already painted Pure White inside. We had it on hand and figured why not test it out.

Of course there was a difference in the swatches once they were on the wall. The Downy was a little too peachy especially with the red in the cast stone. The Pure White was a little too white.

All 6 of the swatches we painted looked nearly identical in the direct sunlight. The camera shows a better distinction between the swatches than there was in real life. We decided to go with Snowbound since we liked it the most in overcast weather and at dusk where you could actually distinguish a color.

Honestly we weren’t really liking the color once it was up. It was so stark. It also made the cast stone look peach. We were pretty upset but weren’t sure exactly how to fix the problem. Go a different direction with the paint? Paint the cast stone? Cry in the corner?


I talked to Katja about it because that’s what friends are for. She sent me this image which made me feel a little better about the way the house looked. I had to think more about a solution, so I took to google for more inspiration.


I love this house. We had painted all the accents black already, so maybe painting the cast stone the same color as the house was a good play. The only thing that I wasn’t sure about with this is the windows are white while ours are almond. I don’t know if it’d be too big of a deal but definitely worth noting. Also the stairs look like the cast stone is gray (and more along the lines of what we thought ours would be).


I found this image which I felt looked very similar to what we currently had especially with the rounded accents. Maybe landscaping would change how I felt about what was going on.

Ultimately, we decided to leave it as it is right now. Cast stone lightens with age, so we thought maybe we will give it some time. I really didn’t/don’t want to paint the cast stone but won’t hesitate if it gives us a look we love. I’m not opposed to repainting the house either, but I’d rather wait to do that until I am more sure on what direction to go with it. Also getting landscaping in there might completely change the dynamics.

If I’m being totally honest, I really don’t want to delay the process especially on something I don’t have a clear vision for.

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17 Responses to Painting the Brick
  1. cassie says:

    i think it looks beautiful and i like the contrast- i also think it suits texas. if it were louisiana or georgia or south carolina i would say go all white and i am not even kidding- you know how each region just has different colors,styles, etc…. i think the house fits as is and looks beautiful! and i think landscaping and all those other touches that make a house a home will make it more appealing to your eye.

    • Amber says:

      I completely understand what you’re saying. In fact we started thinking about going all white after we looked at some houses in Tennessee. Painting brick is definitely a regional thing here. Most of our neighbors have a faux finish on theirs, but we didn’t think that would go with our house. We might consider it later. The exterior is definitely growing on me, but I really wonder what the neighbors think! HA!

  2. Sounds like a reasonable plan :) . I love it as is, but I can see it all white, too…it would give it a really different feel, though, I think, so it make sense to live with it for awhile before you decide. Or you might decide to paint the whole thing bright purple. Probably that’s where you’ll end up ;)

    • Amber says:

      It’s so funny that you say that. When we were picking stains, our floor guy said so we’re going purple right. He said he never knows what to expect from us. LOL. Might as well end up with purple on the exterior just to prove we be cray.

  3. Hmm. I like your solution to wait and see. Sometimes doing nothing is the best answer to a problem, even though it may not feel like it! The tan stone and white brick examples feel kind of Mediterranean, which could be a pretty cool look.

    • Amber says:

      It sounded like the best (and cheapest) plan for the moment. We are learning that sometimes you have to have everything in place before you change a thing. There were a few things we weren’t thrilled about but have grown to like more and more as the house finishes around them. Maybe this will be one of those things.

  4. I like it a lot. The color combo is reminding me of a house on my Parent’s street. I’ll send you a picture sometime :)

  5. I also think it’s looking quite lovely. Mainly because I’m afraid you might ask your blog buddies to help repaint it. :P I kid. I really do think it looks like lovely…sans exterior painting fears.

    • Amber says:

      I’m not going to ask all my blog buddies just you and Nateā€¦ mainly Nate because I know he takes ladder risks and the house is a little tall! :)

  6. Julia@Cuckoo4Design says:

    I think it looks awesome and I totally agree that landscaping will change everything again. You’ll end up loving it ;)

  7. Nichole S. says:

    personally I don’t like white painted cast stone because that is what our old house had for the fireplace. I can’t explain it but our stark white cast stone fireplace just looked so artificial. It was an eyesore. I think your tan color is soothing to the eye and really ties well with the barrel tile roof. The stone looks like stone and it has a depth about it. Most of the pure white houses have shutters or something to help define the house. You went a different route with the cast stone and I love it! Our next house will have cast stone detailing because that is what all of the million dollar houses on have:) Your house is gorgeous and the landscaping will add those other colors you need to get that palette balance.

  8. Nichole S. says:

    P.s. how do the stained front doors look? I bet they also had another layer to the colors:) It will be fantastic!

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