She’s a Brick

I could have gone with She’s a Brick House, but I’m calling back to some good ol’ Ben Folds for this post. If you ever sneak up on me while I’m cleaning there’s a 99% chance, you will catch me belting out that tune. I digress. So back when they were putting on the roof, they were also putting up the brick. (Sorry for jumping around, but I really wanted needed to talk about the kitchen.)

**Look how gorgeous the clouds are in that picture. No photoshopping on it at all.

They placed the piles around the house. That’s how we knew it was go time.

It was crazy to see it climb the walls from day to day. The color was hideous, but the plan was always to paint the brick cream so it was no big deal. Although looking at this picture, the color isn’t that bad. Trust me in real life it was much worse.

Baby Beckett was still cooking at a basketballs pace. 37 weeks and 1 day a mere 15 days before he arrived. Funny there was a time when we thought we’d be moving in before or right at his due date. Ha.

Notice they didn’t brick around the windows. More to come on that friends. A little architectural detail we included.

And a little of this too. I just noticed my hand in the bottom left of this picture. I’m holding a pen and no doubt my notebook. A girl’s gotta be taking copious notes. Always.

Happy Tuesday friends! If you need me I’ll be singing some Ben Folds while vacuuming and such.

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24 Responses to She’s a Brick
  1. Julia@Cuckoo4Design says:

    Such a gorgeous house. Can’t wait to see what they’ll do around the windows. Keep singing ;)

  2. cassie says:

    sooo pretty! and brick by ben folds is an all time fave of mine! i love that song!

  3. It is kind of wild to think that nowadays brick is merely frosting on the cake and not in any way responsible for the structure, right?

    It looks really good!

  4. So you guys are sharing updates that are weeks old… how close are you to actually finishing? The brick looks brilliant!

  5. I can’t even imagine painting all of that brick…but I know it will look fabulous.

    • Amber says:

      It’s all painted brick or stucco in our neighborhood with stone accents. We cut all the stone out because it didn’t fit the style we were going for. I know it’s treason in some parts to paint brick. I subscribe to that mindset at times too especially when it’s an old brick home. So pretty!

  6. I’m really glad you’re not drowning slowly.
    I LOVE brick houses. I’m excited to see it painted.
    I have a HUGE respect for brick masons. Our good friend Joel (the one who helped with the mantel) is a brick mason. He works on all the fancy million dollar homes in the snooty parts of Salt Lake. After watching how he did the hearth, I can’t imagine the talent it takes to actually brick a HOUSE! Your house is looking SOOOO good! I fall more in love with it every time you post an update. Please let me come stay some day! I mean, it can only help the Beckett-Evelyn cause, right?

    • Amber says:

      I really glad I’m not either. Drowning is a huge fear. Irrelevant to the post but still important info. I could not imagine getting all that brick up. It was a slow process, and it was hot. Yuck! You can stay anytime! Come on down!!

  7. Nichole S. says:

    I have a crush on your painted brick house. Oh and p.s. I am gonna have to meet Kenz for coffee so we can talk about the Evelyn-Beckett situation. We called dibs on that baby boy a looonng time ago:)

    • Amber says:

      Haha that is if your girls are into the whole younger man thing. I know Nick has been texting pictures convincing daddy Bo to be cool with it! You should meet Kenz over coffee anyway. She’s the coolest.

  8. Mmmmmm…. I love the brick. So, so much. And I love that belly on you, too. Is that weird? Yes? Okay.

    I think that brick is a scary and intimidating choice to make. IT’s so permanent. But you nailed it. Perfect brick in here.

    • Amber says:

      I was more terrified of making the paint color choice for the brick. I know it isn’t permanent really, but I do not want to paint that sucker again!

  9. Oh I love the brick! And I love your massive house! I can’t wait to see it all come together! It’ll be like a belated Christmas present if such things exist ;)

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