Gender Neutral Baby Shower


Let’s have a little throw back Thursday action to that time when I was 8 months pregnant and didn’t find out what I was having basically forcing my gracious friends into throwing a gender neutral baby shower. To top it off I wanted a central location since I have friends all over the metroplex (Dallas/Ft Worth is huge y’all).



Enter Brewed in Fort Worth. Nick and I have had a few working lunches here and really enjoy the space. There are lots of little sitting areas like this around, so it’s pretty much the perfect place for a baby shower.


See there’s my pregnant self chatting it up with guests. Heavy h’orderves on the table (that has whimsical mismatched chairs). I was actually burning up because we had just bought our lighting since we were just killing time at Old Home Supply up the street before the party. It was August. In Texas. They have no AC (Old Home Supply not Brewed). Sorry shower guests.

Check out the gold fixtures here though. Amazing.


There was a bit of a cake debacle. I guess it didn’t transport well and got smashed on the ride to Brewed. They had this chocolate cake hanging around and just salvaged the original decorations. Honestly I’m not a chocolate cake fan (team vanilla all the way), but this was incredibly good.


It was so nice to be able to open gifts from the comfort of a couch. I mean I was so huge. Of course opening cute presents like a Rangers hat and tiny newborn things is pretty awesome from anywhere.


Afterward we got to just sit around and talk which is an insane luxury at showers. It was such a sweet time with friends. Soaking up all the girl chatter. Making speculations about what I was having – everyone but 2 people said boy, so apparently I’m friends with a bunch of psychics who knew.


What I wouldn’t give to know what was being said here. Something hilarious for sure.


My sister, mom and I posing for my last baby shower. Ha! I’m so glad to finally blog about this. If I don’t have it posted, then eventually the pictures disappear or get lost on my computer somewhere.

On that note one of my memory cards bit the dust. I no longer have access to an entire memory card full of photos. If anyone knows how to solve that issue, let me know!

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20 Responses to Gender Neutral Baby Shower
  1. Rachel says:

    What a beautiful shower! I still can’t get over how pretty you looked while pregnant. Not fair how your face didn’t balloon up. That location looks so cool, too!

    • Amber says:

      You are too sweet. I feel like I totally ballooned up. And am still here haha! It is an incredible location and so perfect for what we needed. That entire area in Ft Worth is my favorite place right now!

  2. What a pretty baby shower. I love that location you chose and you look so adorable and glowing! You say lack of AC, but I say it’s from pregnancy :) Love all these pictures.

    • Amber says:

      Haha it was lack of AC paired with the overall excitement of finding lights. I cooled off eventually or as cooled off as you can get in August in Texas!

  3. looks so fun! Although I have to admit I kind of got stuck on the part where you said you weren’t a fan of chocolate cake. That was very confusing for me ;)

    • Amber says:

      I love chocolate, but chocolate cake just isn’t a favorite. I know it’s borderline blasphemy. What can I saw vanilla cake is the key to my heart. I’m soooo boring!

  4. cassie says:

    looks like an amazing time!!! better late than never! :)

  5. What amazing friends! And what an awesome place to have a shower- dont take such cool places for granted- we have few around where I live!

    • Amber says:

      I definitely don’t take these places for granted. We are 25 minutes away from anything cool unless you count antique stores which while they are awesome they don’t feed me!

  6. Julia@Cuckoo4Design says:

    What a great great place to have a shower and you looked radiant and beautiful.

  7. Nichole S. says:

    What a great venue for a baby shower. I mean who wouldn’t love the whole modern rustic vibe of that place?!?! The food was yummy and the cake was beautiful! Secretly I am so glad the other cake crashed and burned….I think I took twenty pictures of just your cake….bwhahahahaah. You were just beautiful that day Amber Wills! #youshouldhavebeenswollenitwasAugust!#nofair #prettypregnantmama

  8. What a charming place to eat food and socialize. I dig it. Why are you the most beautiful women, even at 8 months pregnant? I’m pretty sure I saw my reflection in Tillikum while watching Blackfish through my blurry eyed tears.

  9. Looks like a fabulous time with beautiful ladies in a gorgeous location. And you, my friend, were simply stunning. (Still are, but I”m only commenting on the current photos.)

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