Blinds for the Nursery

It’s finally here. We are finally ┬áready to talk about the nursery. Were you waiting in eager anticipation for the last 3 months? No? You forgot that we blogged? Well, that wasn’t very nice of you to say.

Anyways, we’re going to start talking about some parts of the nursery first, and eventually getting around to showing the whole room finished. Backwards? Yes. But we decided to not wait until the room is completely styled and photographed to start putting this stuff out there.

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So… Blinds. When we moved into the house we immediately needed to keep the neighbors from seeing all the shady stuff that we do, so we put up temporary paper blinds. The longest ones we could find at Home Depot weren’t long enough for our windows, so we ended up connecting two on each window (pretty much the classiest look in existence).


Then 2 things happened. I looked at the color of the black paper blinds and thought to myself “Besides for being 2 blinds glued together, black looks pretty nice.” The second was, I was trying to convince Amber that we needed to take a trip to Providence, RI. One major selling point was staying at the Dean Hotel. When I was showing her the pictures, I noted that they had some pretty sexy black blinds with contrasting off white tape.

Some moments and the current state of things

If you remember, we have a whole white-wall-black-door thing going on. So it’s not like the scheme was out of left field, just black blinds seemed a bit off the wall when I first pitched it. But the Dean Hotel validated the idea and gave us the cool plan to add some taping to it.

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So we ordered some 2in. Designer Basswood wood blinds from in Ebony with White Duck Canvas Tape. Though the photos aren’t great, they were exactly what we were looking for. Also, they were custom orders and somehow got to our house in about a day and a half. Not a sponsored plug, just noting that they turned those suckers around in a hurry.

(Side note: photographing blinds is close to the most difficult thing in the world. What sorcery must one possess to make the photos look good? Other bloggers holla at me.)

Also, yes I drive a Prius. How else would one ‘ride dirty’?

Select Blinds

Here they are, one opened and one closed.

So that’s the first part of the nursery that we can show, it’s not much… but it’s something. Hopefully we’ll get to the really good stuff this week. I promise not all the other posts will be this boring.

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19 Responses to Blinds for the Nursery
  1. Oh I totally dig them! Looks really awesome

  2. Gretchen says:

    Nice! I feel like I’m in Providence, RI when I look at those pictures. Except without as much political corruption. I don’t think it’s possible to take good pictures of windows.

  3. Haley says:

    I love the idea of black blinds. I’ve never seen them anywhere else.
    Also, I love when bloggers reveal a little at a time and then the final all together.

  4. cassie says:

    oooh aaaah much better! i expect another nursery update in 3 more months.

  5. You always pick the coolest stuff. You even make blinds look way cool. Love it!

    I am going to reveal how to take photos of blinds. Don’t tell anyone else…

    Set up a tri-pod. Take two pictures. One exposed for the light, one exposed for the dark. Mask in Photoshop. Then even out with a curves layer masked with a gradient – if necessary. Ohhh the trickery. Here is an example of a photo where I did that to get a view out the window on the right:

  6. Nichole S. says:

    Great post Mr. ‘Ride Dirty’. Hopefully, Baby B sleeps like a rock with his hipster blinds and hopefully, Mrs. ‘Ride Dirty’ enjoys the new monikers.

  7. I wish I had a witty So Black. Much blinds. photo but it’s still early. I’m just impressed you all are finally posting a nursery update. And a pretty creative one at that. Wills be fancy.

  8. Anu says:

    Love the black blinds. They look great! I also spy a plane mobile that my boys would love!

  9. I’m digging the one blind open one blind closed look. It’s like the window is winking right at me. Solid choice on the blind design. It’s classy to the max. Only the best for Beckett.

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