DIY Shelf Paper


I’m still reeling from our pantry makeover. It’s just so organized AND PRETTY you guys! I have a simple DIY that you are going to love and will undoubtedly do this weekend from the sheer excitement of it all.

I knew I wanted a black and white pantry with spots and stripes. Who knew that black and white striped shelf paper would prove difficult to acquire? Not this girl. I had no idea that shelf paper or shelf lining (there’s some debate on what to call it) is either plain and affordable or chic and expensive. This is why this DIY is so good. You can get any look you want for less than the price of regular shelf paper/lining. My total cost was $9 for these gorgeous lined shelves!

DIY Shelf Paper

All you need is some pretty gift wrapping paper. I found mine at Home Goods (similar here). I used this clear contact paper because it was an inch shorter than my pantry shelf, so it made the application easier and there was less waste (plus crazy cheap right?). Finally some rubber cement.

DIY Shelf Paper

Use an xacto knife to trim the paper to fit the shelf. I left about 1/4″ at the back and sides of the shelves for the contact paper to affix to those areas. Rubber cement is basically the genius behind this DIY. Put a thin coat of it on the back of the paper to affix it firmly to the shelf.

Rubber cement has a strong smell, so I let the pantry air out and the glue dry overnight.

DIY Shelf Paper

Since I went with this contact paper, it didn’t need to be trimmed to fit my shelf. I rolled it on top of the already affixed wrapping paper. I lined it up at the wall, pulled the backing off, and pressed the clear contact paper down bit by bit. Go slow and avoid bubbles. It’s 12″ and my shelf is 11″, but I folded the extra inch over.

DIY Shelf Paper

It’s that simple and affordable. The striped shelves make a huge difference in the pantry. Plus I have cleaned up several applesauce spills easily (the kids have taken to eating in the pantry now too mainly because they are snacking without permission but whatever). You can do this same thing for your bathroom drawers or kitchen shelves/drawers. Customize all the things making a beautiful, organized house along the way!

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14 Responses to DIY Shelf Paper
  1. i kind of want to be a pantry staple so i can live in there, it’s just so pretty!

  2. brilliant! I want to come snack without permission in your pantry, too!

  3. Carol Camp says:

    Once again… you have shamed me and inspired me all at the same time Amber!! This weekend, I’ve got a list of chores and things to do. BUT!!!! Looks like shelf papering the pantry and kitchen cabinets might move right up to the top.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Amber says:

      Haha well thank you Carol! This is so fast you might still be able to do more on that to do list, but it’s also the perfect excuse not to. I mean who would question your productivity when you’ve just lined your pantry and cabinets!

  4. Look how smart you are! I was hunting for shelf liner for our landry cart and had similar struggles. I wasn’t this smart, though. Love the graphic look of this space.

  5. That’s awesome! There are so many possibilities for papers this way… Did you run into any issues with the paper bubbling? Or does rubber cement solve that problem and I’ve just been doing it wrong (white glue, mod podge) this whole time? :)

    • Amber says:

      I didn’t have any issue, but rubber cement will wrinkle paper if you put too much on it. I’ve had a lot of practice since that’s the only glue I would use when I was a teacher to make all my posters. It’s just so forgiving if you mess up. You pull it up and rub the glue off and retry. I didn’t have to do that when I was apply it to the shelf, but you can imagine with as big of a perfectionist as I am, 1 crooked word on a poster would have driven me insane!

  6. Haha, Cassie wants to live in there too. I need that paper in my life

    • Amber says:

      That paper basically has your name on it! I only found 1 roll of it at HomeGoods and I searched everywhere for more. It was really thick and sturdy. I would have loved to stock up for Christmas and birthdays. Plus it was $3 for that roll which covered a lot of area on those shelves!

  7. Anu says:

    What a great idea! I’m going to have to try this!

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