DIY Christmas Wreath Trio

Today’s post is sponsored by The Home Depot. All creativity and opinions are my own.

This one time I had the chance to work with Home Depot, and it required me to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving which as you know is a major controversy. However I am here to say that it’s been awesome. Dare I say life changing? First obviously Christmas spirit (that point doesn’t need more explanation). It’s like a trio of wreaths set off this intentional Christmas planning that’s making my anticipation reach child like levels. Let’s jump into the DIY shall we.

Christmas Wreath Trio

I grabbed 3 of the simple 20″ wreaths at The Home Depot and decided to frost them with some spray adhesive and frost flurries. The goal was fake snow that had texture.

Christmas Wreath Trio-6

Fluff up your wreath and remove any decorations that are on it, in my case the red bow. Spray a medium layer of adhesive on your wreath. You can see the white residue from the spray around my wreath. Ignore the flurries in the box this shot wasn’t of the first wreath I did.

Christmas Wreath Trio-3

Pour on some flurries. I had a tiny hole cut in the bag, so I could control the flow. I went back and filled in the areas that needed more flurries. They will stick to your hands, but they wash off easily.

Christmas Wreath Trio-4

Spray a light layer of adhesive once your flurries are in place to ensure a stronger hold. Let dry 5-10 minutes. The wreaths stayed sticky for hours afterward, but you can start building your wreath 10 minutes after the final wreath is sprayed. I laid them on a tablecloth to protect the wreaths and my rug.

Christmas Wreath Trio-8

Attach your 3 wreaths together with wire. I used floral wire because it was green.

Christmas Wreath Trio-2

There were tons of great options to decorate my wreath, but this Martha Stewart Gold Berry Pick was perfect. Seriously all of her Christmas line at The Home Depot is so good this season. I mean gold pomegranate and gold glitter on this 1 decoration alone.

Christmas Wreath Trio-9

Attach the berry pick with the floral wire at the stem and center to secure it since it’s a little heavy. Fluff the wreath up around those spots to mask them.

Christmas Wreath Trio-12

Reattach your bows to the wreath or pick up some ribbon to make new ones to fit your Christmas decor. There are lots of different styles and colors in the Christmas section at Home Depot. I used 2 Command wreath hooks to hang the wreaths in the middle of our double door. I attached them to the door that doesn’t open regularly.

Christmas Wreath Trio-11

I love the snowy texture with the glam Martha Stewart berry pick and traditional red velvet ribbon. It’s a nice mix of modern + trendy + traditional.

Christmas Wreath Trio-13

Here’s proof that a wreath trio will work for a double door. Look I’m enjoying coffee as I greet my guests at the door. The wreaths don’t interfere with the comings and goings that will eventually happen this season.


The Home Depot is having a wreath trio workshop at all of their locations.

You can register here.

It’s part of their Do-It-Yourself workshops that gives step-by-step instructions through demonstrations on decor, home repair, and tool operation. Check out a local workshop to learn more. Ramona has been begging to go to a kid’s workshop there. Since I’m feeling all Christmas sporty now, a kid’s workshop will make it on the advent list of things to do.

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41 Responses to DIY Christmas Wreath Trio
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  2. Amy says:

    Your wreath trio is so cute, but I LOVE your front door!

    • Amber says:

      Thanks! When we picked the door, I didn’t realize it would make wreath hanging interesting. I love how it makes the entry feel architecturally since it’s totally open inside. There’s no where to decorate, so the door has to do all the work in that space.

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  4. A. You look adorable in that last photo and could seriously be the model for the Home Depot in a home magazine. I mean – puffy vest – check. Plaid – check. Cup of hot beverage- check!
    B. Your wreath looks adorable. Love the Martha stuff, too. I wanted it all.
    C. Your door is seriously gigantic! Like, I love the giant door.

    • Amber says:

      Well thank you! I won’t admit how many shots we had to take before I just gave up and told Nick to pick one. That Martha stuff is crazy good. There were several things I was mentally preparing myself to incorporate into my Christmas decor this year!

  5. Love the flurry touch! I, however, won’t need to DIY this aspect. Mother Nature will help me out there. Probably sooner than I’d like.
    I wish I would have done an adorable door shot like you. But that would mean I would have to shower. And Ike would escape. I’ll leave the wreath modeling to you.

    • Amber says:

      Oh my gosh I had to shower, put on makeup, AND curl my hair for that. I mean so many steps for a single shot. Who knows if we will get snow this year, but at least I can pretend with the wreaths.

  6. Melissa says:

    So cute! I’m heading over to get details on this class. And your manicure is the cutest!

    • Amber says:

      Oh my gosh it’s been my obsession lately! I just figured out how to use tape to color block my nails, so it’s been a fancy nail party every week over here.

  7. What an adorable wreath! Decorating a space that large can get costly, but I’m sure you saved a ton by DIYing it! (And side note, those ankle booties you’re wearing…LOVE!)

    • Amber says:

      Definitely a huge money saver! I came in right around $50 which is probably about half of what I would pay if I went with the 2 giant wreath options from that door. Those booties are from Target last year! I’m trying to find the perfect non heeled bootie option for my casual days!

  8. Looks so pretty, love the flurries!

  9. love that snowy texture! and you are the cutest!

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  11. Looks great! I thought about flocking my wreaths somehow….now I don’t know why I didn’t, because look how cool yours are! I think I literally forgot all about it, actually. oops.

    • Amber says:

      Oh flocking! There’s a real word to describe what I did. I thought I was being all original and considering trademarking this Christmas style of wreath decorating. Thanks for keeping me grounded!

  12. Jessica says:

    Love this! You look so festive and fun. I want to run over for coffee right now! Or hot cocoa by the fireplace. Gorgeous and simple/approachable DIY! Love it! I’m hosting a bridal shower Saturday or I’d definitely be starting the Christmas decorating. Holding off just one more week.

  13. I never like to decorate this early either but something about this year is making me want to dive right in and get Christmas started! These wreaths are adorable!

  14. I absolutely your wreath trio and your door is stunning! #mouthdropped. The snowy texture is awesome as well.

  15. Tamsyn says:

    Oh my goodness! These are absolute perfection. There is something so perfect about a white Christmas and these capture the essence of it beautifully.

  16. Brandi says:

    Such cute pictures! Your planter is gorgeous. Love your wreath trio too.

  17. Jamie says:

    Spray adhesive and flurries… genius! Your wreath trio is gorgeous! And so are those doors!

  18. I love how well the gold accents go with your beautiful door and the flurries just put that magic touch!

  19. Sharon Large says:

    Love your wreath and your ingenious way you connected them together and hung them on your door. You have an amazing entry-love your door-what an interesting challenge to decorate-but you nailed it! Great job

  20. I love it. And I love the size of your door 😉 I couldn’t fit three wreaths on mine.

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  22. I love the flocking!! And of course you in the door way. Does it get more stylish? (no)

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