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Easter is super early this year, so I’ve been thinking hard about what gifts we should get the kids. We’ve been massively purging, so I want things that are practical and timely (hello Spring). Nothing that would eventually clutter up the house I’ve worked so hard to declutter.

1. Lucite bird feeder which is on point as far as interior design goes even if it’s for outside. I thought this was precious and can see both of my kids spending hours watching the birds with this. Don’t forget the bird food!

2. Jesus Storybook Bible. I have already professed my love for this children’s Bible for advent. If you need gifts for nieces and nephews, look no further. For older ones, The Story for Kids is a great option too.

3. Gardening Tote and Tools. My kids always want to help in the yard. This helps keep them close while we are out there and bonus it comes with a cute organizational tote to store it in the garage and keep the clutter down.

4. Critter Case. Get the kids outside and occupied.

5. Strawberry Greenhouse. How cool would it be for your kids to grow and eat their own strawberries??

6. Gloves. Gardening supplies for the win. Can you sense an Easter basket theme?

7. Sidewalk chalk. Load up on chalk for those beautiful Spring days!

8. Color by Number Pop Art. I like organized crafting like this for Ramona. She will sit and work on it purposefully because it’s structured.


Here are a couple of minimalist gift ideas that you and your child will love:

  • Zoo Tickets or Membership
  • Museum Tickets or Membership
  • Movie or IMAX Tickets
  • iTunes or Amazon gift card for movie rentals or purchases
  • Children’s Theater Tickets
  • Special Class – cooking, painting, pottery

You’ll have to do some digging around to find local options for these types of minimalist gifts, but essentially you are making a memory and giving them an experience which is a pretty awesome thing. Have a wonderful Easter friend!

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4 Responses to Easter Gift Guide
  1. I need another one of those bird feeders. My cats love them 😉

  2. ooh, that bird feeder is fabulous! We’re so minimalist for Easter that our kids get a chocolate bunny and a book. I love the idea of a membership somewhere!

    • Amber says:

      We always go overboard with the candy which makes no sense because we don’t even let them eat it. It’s like a giant waste of money, and it gets super exhausting telling them they can’t eat those jelly beans tonight.

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