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Raising Readers Back to School

It’s time to go back to school. Excuse me while I continue to cry myself into a useless pile of snot. I cannot even begin to put my emotions about back to school in writing at this moment. One day … Continue reading

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Raising Readers Volume 1

A new blog series of sorts is happening today. It’s all about Raising Readers and features my adorable children (no bias in that statement). In my former life, I was a first grade teacher. My passion for children’s literature is … Continue reading

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Fall in Love with Ramona’s Room

It’s finally here. All the instagram sneak peeks and late nights have lead to this moment. RAMONA’S BIG GIRL ROOM!!! Despite my 6 week deadline for the Fall in Love series, this was more of a 4 day scramble. Time … Continue reading

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Last Minute Halloween Costume for Siblings: Literary Edition

Yesterday I realized I had a few days before Halloween, and I kinda freaked. I had just enough time to order something off Amazon, and it get here in time for the first of the Halloween festivities. I mean talk … Continue reading

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The Plans for Ramona’s Room

As you know, I’m doing the Fall in Love challenge with some besties which means that my daughter will finally have a big girl room. Ramona is a nearly 5 year old girl in 2014, so obviously her room is going to … Continue reading

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DIY Stamped Curtains: How to Stamp Custom Drapes

Once we started planning and budgeting for the nursery, we decided DIY stamped curtains would give us the biggest impact for the cost especially since we needed 118″ curtains. We picked up some LENDA curtains from IKEA. They are tabbed at the … Continue reading

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The Ron Swanson Nursery

So last week (actually, the week before but who’s counting) Amber talked about the Mountain mural we did for Beckett’s Nursery. Today I’m going to talk about the inspiration for the Ron Swanson theme and show the rest of the … Continue reading

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Mountain Mural: The Makings of a Ron Swanson Nursery

Remember that time when I had a baby who was almost 9 months and he was all like dude mom finish my nursery before I go off to college? Real judgey for a bald baby with a booger in his … Continue reading

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Blinds for the Nursery

It’s finally here. We are finally  ready to talk about the nursery. Were you waiting in eager anticipation for the last 3 months? No? You forgot that we blogged? Well, that wasn’t very nice of you to say. Anyways, we’re … Continue reading

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Because Everyone Needs a Good Before and After

If you follow us on Instagram, you know we are in the house!!! We started moving our stuff in Friday and officially closed on Monday. Y’all we are tired and all kinds of grumpy right now (and extremely stinky). Ramona … Continue reading

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