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We are Minimalists??

Our dining room is done because we’ve discovered we are minimalists I guess.  Also we already owned everything in here – vintage rug, color blocked bentwoods, traditional table, the hutch. 

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Dare to DIY: Christmas Tablescape

Round 2, better known as the entertainment round, of Dare to DIY is upon us. The challenge was to DIY something for your table. This was a bit of an undertaking since we’ve never actually set a formal table before, … Continue reading

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How to Sew Lined, Pleated Drapes

Supplies: Fabric (use this calculator if you need your panels to be a specific width) Drapery Liner or Muslin Coordinating Thread Wall Pleater Hooks Pleater Tape (you need the width of your fabric x2) Curtain Rod Curtain Rings Start by washing and … Continue reading

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Formal Dining Drapes Done

The drapes for the formal dining room are finished! (Well sort of I need to hem them, but that won’t take long.) It’s amazing how much drapes make a room look finished even when it is far from it. Also … Continue reading

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That’s Right We Color Blocked Them

One night we were talking about our collection of 7 mismatched Thonet bentwood chairs that we had started over a year ago. It was decision time for the formal dining. We’ve been sitting on projects in there for far too … Continue reading

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Formal Dining Fabric Purchase

After we had all our bentwoods safely home, I got on ordering fabric for drapes in the formal dining room. We had already decided on Echino collection by Etsuko Furuya for Kokka. I bought a yard of it when we did some LA fabric … Continue reading

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Well, what do we have here?

We’ve been sitting on this post for about a month now while we wrapped up the posts about the nook. But now it’s time to share some good news. So our search for Thonet bentwood chairs has been going on for … Continue reading

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Shop: HD Buttercup, Room & Board, and Mid-Century Modern Buffets

After we had hit the LA fabric outlets during our free day in LA, we decided to pop into (maybe) our favorite LA furniture store: HD Buttercup. It’s a pretty amazing place, with almost any type of furniture you could want (including … Continue reading

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Shop: LA Fabric Outlets

We carved out a day to visit the fabric outlets in LA on our post-Christmas Disney trip. There were streets lined with fabric shops. We only took 1 one picture while we were there because it’s a shady area and … Continue reading

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New hutch

Ok so we admit it: we are obsessed with West Elm. One of the West Elm objects we had been lusting after for a while was this hutch. At $800, it wasn’t quite in the budget, but boy did we … Continue reading

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