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How to Make a Cloud and an Awesome Airplane Table

As promised I am going to share the little details about putting the party table together. I think the food table causes me the most stress every year. It’s the one piece that has to be done the day of … Continue reading

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Putting the Gallery Wall Up

I could have titled this so many things…how to take years of collected items and finally hang them on the wall, how to get what you’ve been wanting for 5 years in just 1 day… But seriously since I shared … Continue reading

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How to Sew Lined, Pleated Drapes

Supplies: Fabric (use this calculator if you need your panels to be a specific width) Drapery Liner or Muslin Coordinating Thread Wall Pleater Hooks Pleater Tape (you need the width of your fabric x2) Curtain Rod Curtain Rings Start by washing and … Continue reading

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Color Blocking Process

Once we decided to color block our bentwoods, we starting thinking about how we should go about executing our idea. I prepped the chairs similar to the table with one huge exception the wood filler. All 8 of our chairs were … Continue reading

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Seat Cushion: Pieces and Sewing

After you’ve made your piping, it’s time to cut and sew the pieces of your seat cushion. Lay your cushions on your ironed fabric. Flip it over and check to make sure you like how the pattern is arranged on … Continue reading

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Seat Cushion: Piping

I wanted to share the process of making the seat cushions since I felt like a had to mesh a bunch of tutorials online to make a seat cushion with piping for our dining chairs. You don’t want to read … Continue reading

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Guide to Painting Furniture

Here is the Wills Casa rendition of how to paint furniture. Nick showed you the nook update with our now black (and super awesome) $25 craigslist table. I wanted to show the whole process of the transformation as a guide to … Continue reading

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