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Pantry Makeover: Modern Style + Practical Organization

You guys, I disappeared for a month in my pantry and came out with the most organized (and possibly the prettiest) space I’ve ever had. Sometimes I go in there to just look at it. Then I eat a bag … Continue reading

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Our Kitchen

Now that we’ve lived in this house for over a year and a half, it’s about time we share the kitchen. This space dictated so much of our floor plan decision and gave us the most drama (again and again) in the … Continue reading

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Once our countertops (sans the island) were installed, it was time for the backsplash. We love the view into the kitchen. It’s a huge wall with an arch that has become our building love language of sorts. (Workshopping the motto, … Continue reading

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Shopping at Ikea Childless

This weekend we needed to make the trek up to our nearest Ikea in order to get our nephew a birthday present. This was the first time Ramona was able to go into Småland (their onsite playground), allowing us to … Continue reading

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Guide to Painting Furniture

Here is the Wills Casa rendition of how to paint furniture. Nick showed you the nook update with our now black (and super awesome) $25 craigslist table. I wanted to show the whole process of the transformation as a guide to … Continue reading

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Nook Update

So you saw that we got a new rug for the nook right? And you saw that Amber had finished painting the chairs? So the newest component was the table. Amber spent about a week and a half getting it … Continue reading

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Rug for the Nook

Last month we did 2 posts on the current status of the kitchen. The second post focused specifically on the  status of the nook. If you look at the punch list, it mentions getting a new rug. We loved the way … Continue reading

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Chair Pad Situation

The fabric for the nook arm chairs showed up last week and it was time to get some new pads made. I didn’t think the old ones being replaced was a necessity, but we figured that we should go ahead … Continue reading

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Overthink, Rethink, Decide

I have a process that requires way too much time to pull the trigger on most home improvement decisions. It’s overthink, decide, rethink, decide…and even then I skip that last step for months. Maybe the reason I like antiquing so … Continue reading

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Chair Facelift Fabric Edition

After the chairs were painted, I focused my attention on what fabric I wanted for the reupholstery. I had been looking for about 2 weeks, but when I finished painting I knew it was time to pull the trigger on … Continue reading

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