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Shop Nashville Antiques

Last month we spent a quick weekend in Nashville. There was a lot of work that needed to be done, so we didn’t get to spend as much time as usual hitting up our favorite antique spots. Remember our loot … Continue reading

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H&M Home Picks

Last week, while perusing one of my favorite Mens Blogs, I caught that the H&M ecommerce site was up and running. So I thought I’d do a roundup of some items I liked in the Home section. Most of the … Continue reading

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Shop: New York (Well Not All of It)

We wrapped up our trip to New York on the life side, but here are all the gory shopping details from our Sunday in Soho. Contain your excitement. We stopped into CB2 since we don’t have any in Texas (cue … Continue reading

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Shopping at Ikea Childless

This weekend we needed to make the trek up to our nearest Ikea in order to get our nephew a birthday present. This was the first time Ramona was able to go into Småland (their onsite playground), allowing us to … Continue reading

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Shop: Rifle Paper Co

So before we hit the beach, we made a quick pit stop in Winter Park to shop at Rifle Paper Co. We are pretty much obsessed with Anna Bond. I love absolutely everything she does, so I was pretty excited … Continue reading

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Shop: Southeastern Salvage Nashville

Follow me on a little journey about how we found an amazing furniture in south Nashville by chance. It all started with some brunch. As can be seen above, we get quite excited about the subject. While visiting family in … Continue reading

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Shop: Antique Archaeology Nashville

One stop on our Nashville mini vacation was Antique Archaeology. It is owned by Mike from American Pickers where he sells all the things you watch him pick on tv. It’s in an old automobile factory which is beautiful and makes my early 1900s … Continue reading

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Shop: Pendleton Woolen Mills Portland

Since we were killing some time due to a delayed flight, Nick found a Pendleton Woolen Mill outlet. We headed over with about 20 min to spare. I knew they wouldn’t have our Ace blanket, but they did have a … Continue reading

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Shop: N. Williams (Portland) / The best brunch ever

A bit of a preface: sorry if the pics in this post suck. They’re all iPhone photos. If you think I’m a terrible blogger cause I didn’t take the DSLR…… you’re probably right. The last day of our trip was … Continue reading

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Shop: Schoolhouse Electric (Portland)

So last friday I was sitting in downtown Portland waiting on Amber’s flight to land, drinking some stumptown coffee (best coffee ever btw), and writing this blog post. At that very moment, I was more of a hipster than I … Continue reading

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