Creepy Art for the Win

Oil Painting

Creepy oil paintings of random people are a thing y’all. We have an Indian man (or Pilgrim? I can’t decide. Also how does one tell?), but we hit the mother load of creepy art a few months back.

Nick was day tripping in Austin. I was scouring craigslist down there for a night stand for the nursery. I had these day dreams that I’d find the perfect Ron Swanson-esque piece for insanely cheap. Then Nick would swoop in and bring that baby back to complete the room.

I casually mentioned this idea to Nick. Then he sent me a listing for these guys…

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Best Realtor in North Texas

North Texas Realtor - Amber Wills

Photo by Katja

Guess what you guys? I am officially a Realtor in North Texas! I worked my butt off this summer between all the traveling and got my license! Now all of you need to buy/sell a home via me. Yes, I am talking to you.

If you’re looking for a real estate agent in DFW, I’m your girl. What’s in it for you? (Besides the obvious fun we will have skipping from house to house.)

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Wills Casa Nashville Hot Chicken Recipe


So, as you probably have figured out by now, we are obsessed with Nashville Hot Chicken around here.

This summer during our 3 trips to Nashville, I was determined to eat as much of it as possible and come home and subsequently be able to recreate it.

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Nashville Musts: A Wills Casa Guide to Music City

Nashville Travel Guide

Nashville has always held a special place in our hearts. My family has an annual BBQ (58 years strong) there, so Nick and I have gone basically every year since we’ve been together which is *gulp* 13 years. This summer was  blessed with not 1, not 2, but 3 trips to Nashville. Definitely calls for an official Wills Casa Guide to Music City.

Just FYI this is Ramona and Beckett in front of the house their great-great grandfather built where their great-grandma grew up.

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Happy 30th Birthday Amber!!!


Happy 30th Birthday to the one and only Mrs. Wills Casa, Amber!!!

We’ve been fairly absent the last couple of weekends celebrating this momentous occasion. Last weekend was spent at a rented lake house with Amber’s entire immediate family, her grandma (dad’s side) and aunt celebrating her dad’s 60th birthday and Amber’s 30th. We had a blast.

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DIY Stamped Curtains: How to Stamp Custom Drapes

DIY Stamped Curtains - How to Create Custom Curtains - Bonus Adorable Ron Swanson Nursery

Once we started planning and budgeting for the nursery, we decided DIY stamped curtains would give us the biggest impact for the cost especially since we needed 118″ curtains. We picked up some LENDA curtains from IKEA. They are tabbed at the top, but I sewed the tabs down to get a cleaner look. See how Kelly did that here.

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Wallpaper Revisited

So one time like a month and half ago, I was fixated on ordering wallpaper for our living room. I was determined to have it ordered and up within the week. Okay maybe I wasn’t that ambitious, but I wanted to have it ordered. Then I remembered I needed to finish the nursery. Priorities. I just want to take this time to congratulate myself on controlling my ADD long enough to finish up a space.

On to the choices and how y’all voted. All of them are Rifle Paper Co. from Hygge & West because duh. Also don’t judge my photoshopping too much.

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Haven Recap

Haven 2014-1

The entire Wills family headed to Atlanta last week, so I could attend Haven Conference. Beckett was less thrilled about the plane ride, but whatevs baldy it’s for the sake of a blog education.

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The Ron Swanson Nursery

Mountain Mural

So last week (actually, the week before but who’s counting) Amber talked about the Mountain mural we did for Beckett’s Nursery.

Today I’m going to talk about the inspiration for the Ron Swanson theme and show the rest of the nursery.

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Living Pretty with Pets


I’m over at Cuckoo for Design telling the story behind our dogs, Faith and Sara. Make sure to grab some tissue and head over!

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