Wallpaper Love: Rifle Paper Co + Hygge and West


Let’s just talk about the elephant in the room. The 202″ x 83″ elephant known as the untextured placeholder of a wall that needs some wallpaper. Sometimes I just sit on the couch and get anxiety while I stare at it. Obviously I’m dealing with real problems around here.

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10 Years, 10 Things, a Decade of Marriage

10 Year Anniversary

I just can’t even believe I’m writing this post. You guys, Nick and I have been married for 10 years (!!!!!!!!) today – a whole decade, more than a third of our lives which is the weirder part of that. We wanted to share a little bit about our love story (cue the awww’s) and some fun facts – 10 fun facts to be exact – with you. (Rhyme unintentional.)

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Propane Problems

Propane Problems

Sometimes you run into home expenses than are just plain unfun/depressing/insert disappointed descriptor here. I would have much rather made some cute decor purchases instead of dealing with our propane tank, but there’s an aesthetic win here too so hold tight!

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Happy Birthday Nick!

Happy 29th (!!!!) birthday Nick Wills! We are celebrating in our favorite city (besides DFW) Nashville. Hence why it’s been super quiet around here. Let’s hear it for vacations and food!! Actually we are just lamenting not moving here last year when we were homeless. Good food and Southern charm breeds regret apparently.

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Rebuilding Wills Casa Uno


The post fire process was painful emotionally and just an all around pain in the rear dealing with paperwork, insurance claims, and rebuilding. We had Allstate for our home owners insurance. Initially they said the back room just needed to be “cleaned and sealed” by a specialist. I was livid about that. The responsibility of an insurance company is to restore the property to the condition it was before the catastrophe whether it be fire, flood, or vandalism.

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The Demise of Wills Casa Uno

When I decided to share our first house with y’all, I felt like we really needed to because it has shaped so much of who we are. It’s been almost 9 years, but writing (actually just thinking through writing) this post has been really emotional.

We bought the house in March 2005. October 2005 we had a house fire.


Our alarm clock malfunctioned and created a smoldering fire. There was not a lot of open flame, so it was mostly smoke damage. The house had zero visibility when the firefighters entered.

I was at work. Nick had class in the morning, went home to have lunch and let the dog out, then headed to work. Over the next couple of hours the house was destroyed. Our neighbor didn’t have a number for us, so he called the previous owners who called their real estate agent who called our real estate agent aka my mom.

When I found out I scream Isabella – our dog – and ahead home. I called 911 to let the firefighters know there was a dog in the front bedroom. At this point we had no idea what had happen or the extent of the damage was (I mean Nick had just been home how bad could it be?). Nick got to the house before I did. When I asked about Isabella, he just cried.


This is in the hallway to our bedroom. The closer you got to the bedroom the blacker things were. Since the house was not very big, everything was ruined from the smoke.


When the firefighters entered, they sprayed different areas of the house. The ceiling in the living room fell from the weight of the water. There was lots of wall damage from them checking for hot spots. All of our furniture was pushed in the middle of the room.


That’s the ceiling on the living room floor. There was a mess of drywall, insulation, and ash everywhere. Plus it was wet and mushy.


The cabinets actually looked better with the ash. Notice that we had painted the kitchen red to offset the flesh cabinets. It was an improvement, but I will never paint red again. So many coats. We had also installed a microwave/vent hood to save countertop space. All of the minor changes/updates we had made in the 8 months of living there were ruined.


You could see where every nail in the drywall was. They said it was from the heat. You could also see every imperfection in the wall where there had been patches.


This was the bathroom on the other side of the house. Everything was covered black and wet. You could smell smoke as soon as you turned on our street. We literally had nothing but the clothes we had on. We went to Target and bought some essentials. Then checked into a hotel. Once we laid down the magnitude of the day just settled on us. Then came more and more tears just when we thought we didn’t have any left. We had buried our dog and lost everything we had in a few hours.

I can’t even begin to describe the weight of those emotions. It has changed us in ways we probably won’t ever realize. It might be why Nick and I cling to each other as viciously as we do. We had nothing but each other and were about to begin our first huge remodel with heavy hearts.

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The First Wills Casa…Wills Casa Uno


I should prep you that this post is full of terrible photos, but the story of our first house has such a huge impact on us that I have to share it. It was 2005. I was 20, and Nick was 19 (almost 20) when we bought our first place. We tried to buy a house before we got married, but there weren’t many options on our tiny budget. We were in college full time and worked part time. (Read: We were poor yet still oddly interested in owning real estate.)Our 1st House

We had a short apartment lease and a mere 10 months after we tied the knot this gem popped up on the market right when our home search resumed. (This photo is from our inspection report. Yes I have the inspection report for the house we bought in 2005 but no good photos of my house.) We looked at tons of terrible houses. This one was on the market for a day when we looked at it.

Specs: 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 994 square feet, split bedrooms, huge back yard

Hilarious aside when we walked around we were oohing and awing then said, “Where’s the 3rd bedroom?” We wrote an offer that day. There were multiple offers since it was completely refinished inside and priced much lower than market value for a quick sell. Spoiler alert they took ours because they liked that we were a young couple not an investor looking for a rental property. It was one of those meant to be things.

Our 1st House

Even though everything was new in the house – paint, cabinets, flooring – all new but definitely not our style. There was lots of peachy brown. Early 2000s neutral happening all over that 994 square feet.

That’s my little sister (who is now 19!!!), our friend Chase (the talent behind this - scroll down to mine), me (representing UT Arlington), and my mom/realtor.

Our 1st House

Here’s the other side of the living room just to give you some idea of how small it is. Use my sister for scale. The fireplace is straight up peach. I think this is a classic example of when you pick a paint color with a swatch without sampling it especially when you are going for earthy neutral via a brown tone.

You might be wondering why the house was completely redone and then priced so low. Well word on the street is the seller’s son lived in the house but was having some personal problems that led to some disagreements in the family. Then the house was vandalized. I don’t know how true any of that is, but the fact is everything was replaced and the seller wanted out.

Our 1st House

The kitchen cabinets were a strange sort of dead flesh tone that was equal parts terrifying and repulsive. The wall color wasn’t helping that out any. The appliances were bisque but new, so that was a plus. There was a small window over the sink.

Our monthly payment was like $600 which was less than we could have rented a one bedroom apartment even an on campus apartment. It might seem crazy to buy a house on 2 part time incomes while in college, but it was the best decision we ever made.


This (and the first picture) were taken at my sister’s wedding in Mexico about 2 weeks before the real start to the story behind our first house…

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Gender Neutral Baby Shower


Let’s have a little throw back Thursday action to that time when I was 8 months pregnant and didn’t find out what I was having basically forcing my gracious friends into throwing a gender neutral baby shower. To top it off I wanted a central location since I have friends all over the metroplex (Dallas/Ft Worth is huge y’all).



Enter Brewed in Fort Worth. Nick and I have had a few working lunches here and really enjoy the space. There are lots of little sitting areas like this around, so it’s pretty much the perfect place for a baby shower.


See there’s my pregnant self chatting it up with guests. Heavy h’orderves on the table (that has whimsical mismatched chairs). I was actually burning up because we had just bought our lighting since we were just killing time at Old Home Supply up the street before the party. It was August. In Texas. They have no AC (Old Home Supply not Brewed). Sorry shower guests.

Check out the gold fixtures here though. Amazing.


There was a bit of a cake debacle. I guess it didn’t transport well and got smashed on the ride to Brewed. They had this chocolate cake hanging around and just salvaged the original decorations. Honestly I’m not a chocolate cake fan (team vanilla all the way), but this was incredibly good.


It was so nice to be able to open gifts from the comfort of a couch. I mean I was so huge. Of course opening cute presents like a Rangers hat and tiny newborn things is pretty awesome from anywhere.


Afterward we got to just sit around and talk which is an insane luxury at showers. It was such a sweet time with friends. Soaking up all the girl chatter. Making speculations about what I was having – everyone but 2 people said boy, so apparently I’m friends with a bunch of psychics who knew.


What I wouldn’t give to know what was being said here. Something hilarious for sure.


My sister, mom and I posing for my last baby shower. Ha! I’m so glad to finally blog about this. If I don’t have it posted, then eventually the pictures disappear or get lost on my computer somewhere.

On that note one of my memory cards bit the dust. I no longer have access to an entire memory card full of photos. If anyone knows how to solve that issue, let me know!

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Modern Bathroom for Guests and Such


We are moving this bathroom party upstairs for a sneak peek into our modern bathroom for guests and such. We were in a complete rush to make all the decisions upstairs. We didn’t go into panic mode or anything. The decision making process for the upstairs on our end was pretty painless.

We loved the tile choices for the kids bathroom. Plus we had some left over, so it seemed like the smartest (most budget friendly) move. We needed more tile but still an overall savings. The thing was we wanted this space to be unique since it will function mainly as the guest bathroom although anyone upstairs (the kids in their playroom and I in my office) will use it as well. We had to figure out how we could create a bathroom using the same materials but still be different from the downstairs one.


We decided to have them install the shower subway tile in a herringbone pattern. I got the idea after seeing Jordan Ferney‘s picture on instagram. Shocker I got inspiration from a restaurant (master shower floors were from a coffee shop, so totally fitting).


Initially we thought we’d pick up a GODMORGON IKEA cabinet. Gray seemed like the best choice since there is so much white in there already. I love the modern look, and a floating vanity would be a perfect step away from all the other bathrooms in the house. When we started comparing prices between IKEA and what our cabinet guy could make, it was tens of dollars. Yep $10′s. It was a no brainer.


Except that it was a struggle for them to get it right. Face palm. I sent a very detailed email with pictures included (pro tips here). I wanted the cabinet exactly like the GODMORGON except all real wood with a painted shell and Alder wood drawers (yes I specified the wood I wanted for the drawers in the email).

First attempt the drawers are not full overlay like the IKEA version. Also the drawers were oak. (Fun fact 2nd attempt included oak drawers again!)


We did buy an ODENSVIK sink because $140 for a sink + not having to deal with the countertop people again was so worth it. We had it onsite before they built the cabinet AND we had the dimensions to the cabinet maker before he began. Amazingly that happened, so try again guys.

There were more fixes that had to be made to the drawers. They were too deep for the plumbing, etc. Fourth time is the charm apparently.


The ODENSVIK sink was a great call. A huge money saver, and it looks so good. We picked up the pendants from west elm. In person they are more of a milky transparent white than the picture. They are really beautiful.

The faucet is from Lowes. It’s the only bathroom that has nickel fixtures, but it works with the style of this bathroom.

You may or may not have noticed we don’t have a mirror up here. We are still deciding exactly what we want to do. We might DIY something or buy something. Who knows. We like to keep ourselves guessing.


This is the view of the bathroom from the eyes of Beckett. I’m loving everything that’s happening in here. I’m not sure if I want to get a new shower curtain or use the Kate Spade one from the last place.

Guest bathroom is ready! Actually this is where we shower since the whole master shower isn’t functioning. A huge thank you to Nicole for putting the master bathroom on her honor roll.

Full disclosure you might think I’m annoyed by all the kinks and hiccups we had during the build and now, but it’s one of those things you just have to laugh at. In the grand scheme of things, it’s no big deal. It’s just what happens you have a specific idea of how things should be, and you don’t compromise that vision.


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Completed (ish) Master Bathroom

Master Bath with Clawfoot Tub

I know you’ve all been wanting to see the master bathroom and how the countertops look with everything in there. Oh the suspense. Nick shot this from the closet doorway which seems like a fitting shot to follow up the closet post.

The tile company is actually coming out to rip out the baseboards around the clawfoot tub and take the subway tile down to the floor. Some water got on the baseboards pre move in, and they swelled up. We figure we might as well fix it with tile since that would be a constant issue otherwise. (I like to splash in the bath.)

Granada Tile

Obviously our shower floor is what we love most in here with the Granada Tile. We still haven’t used the shower which is another longer (more painful) post for a different time. Happy thoughts.  Happy thoughts.

Master Bathroom

It’s so hard to get a straight shot in the bathroom, but I wanted to give you an overview of the vanity set up. Same hardware as the kitchen and closet.

School House Electric Light

Our lights are from Schoolhouse Electric. The plan for the master bath has always been black and brass. Bathroom lighting was so difficult. We had a huge mirror and wanted something appropriate for scale, and it had to look awesome too (obviously). Schoolhouse was perfect because we could customize the fixture with so many shade options. We went the classic route with the black shade.

Fun fact we still need 2 light fixtures in here – one for my sitting area and another for the bathtub. Already have plans and can’t wait for the chaos to settle a little to execute them! Read: Nick get on that dude!

Master Bath

The faucets with the deep rectangular sinks make me feel like a princess. Yes princess. I just love everything that’s happening on the countertop. (Can you even believe I typed that after this dramatic post?)

Carrera Marble

Can we just talk about how pretty this marble is? I know it wasn’t what I wanted, but there is some serious gorgeous marbling going on here. It goes with the concrete floors much better than I anticipated now that we are actually in there (clothes on the floor and all…kidding). We don’t even have a rug yet, so it can only get better!

Master Bath

We had them frame out a mirror just like they did in the kids bathroom. We got oak 1×2′s and painted them the same black as the doors. I did have them install them with the 2″ sticking out to create a little ledge. I like the skinny framed look.

Master Bath Vanity

My vanity area is a strange height. I’m curious to see if a bar stool will work with the drawer. Might need to DIY something for this. I do like having a space to sit and get ready. Not that I’ve done that much in the midst of unpacking. (It’s been a depressing state of pjs, no makeup, dirty hair for longer than I should admit to publicly.)

So there’s the master bathroom in all it’s undecorated glory! I will keep you posted on the shower, but just know we are still bathing over here even if it’s rarely.

A huge thank you to Nicole for showing the bathroom some love on her honor roll. If you want to show us some love, follow us on bloglovin‘, Facebook, twitter, instagram, all of the above we aren’t picky!

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