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Buying Art and Other Unnecessary (but Desired) Things

It all started when Nick and I set out antiquing to find suitcases I could spruce up for Ramona’s birthday. It ended with having to borrow my dad’s truck to haul our purchases home. Shocking right? No. It doesn’t surprise … Continue reading

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Color Blocking Process

Once we decided to color block our bentwoods, we starting thinking about how we should go about executing our idea. I prepped the chairs similar to the table¬†with one huge exception the wood filler. All 8 of our chairs were … Continue reading

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Shop: Inheritance (Los Angeles)

The day was December 30. We had been fabric shopping all morning and pondering mid century modern buffets¬†in the afternoon. Dusk was approaching swiftly, and we knew it was time to do the last thing on our agenda: antique shopping. … Continue reading

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Antique Finds

This will be a recurring theme on the blog. We love to hit up antique shops when we have down time and here is where we will showcase some of the stuff we’ve acquired. We didn’t go to a lot … Continue reading

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