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Creepy Art for the Win

Creepy oil paintings of random people are a thing y’all. We have an Indian man (or Pilgrim? I can’t decide. Also how does one tell?), but we hit the mother load of creepy art a few months back. Nick was … Continue reading

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Craigslist Weekend

Despite what you might think, I don’t stalk craigslist all the time. However I was overly active on CL this weekend, and it seriously paid off. I found this secretary in Arlington for $40. It was about 5 minutes from … Continue reading

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Craigslist Score…….Like We Need A Hole In The Head

That’s how bad we needed a new dresser. Not to mention 2 new dressers. But before you begin judging our furniture hoarding, let the story unfold a bit. Last Saturday Amber and I were embracing each other romantically, the same … Continue reading

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Guide to Painting Furniture

Here is the Wills Casa rendition of how to paint furniture. Nick showed you the nook update with our now black (and super awesome) $25 craigslist table. I wanted to show the whole process of the transformation as a guide to … Continue reading

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Craigslist Dresser Find

Amber is obsessed with Craigslist. It’s ok for me to say that because it’s been clinically diagnosed, and we’re working through it together. She’s also obsessed with mid century modern furniture. Mix the two together, and you’re dealing with borderline … Continue reading

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Chair Facelift Fabric Edition

After the chairs were painted, I focused my attention on what fabric I wanted for the reupholstery. I had been looking for about 2 weeks, but when I finished painting I knew it was time to pull the trigger on … Continue reading

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Chair Facelift Part 1

I picked up 3 chairs (2 were the same and the other was ugly just part of the deal) on Craigslist for $45. The plan was to use the matching pair for the ends of the nook table. They were pretty beat up, … Continue reading

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Nook Progress to Date

This is really just the second half of the kitchen, but I figured I’d make it a separate post to keep the kitchen progress one from being too long. I forgot to mention that we took up all the flooring … Continue reading

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