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Modern Advent Wreath

I have been in full Advent planning mode for about a month. For some of you an Advent wreath has always been a part of your Christmas tradition. I had no idea what they were until I started planning for … Continue reading

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How to Sew Lined, Pleated Drapes

Supplies: Fabric (use this calculator if you need your panels to be a specific width) Drapery Liner or Muslin Coordinating Thread Wall Pleater Hooks Pleater Tape (you need the width of your fabric x2) Curtain Rod Curtain Rings Start by washing and … Continue reading

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Gather Ye Supplies

Remember when I bought that awesome fabric for the formal dining room? I couldn’t wait to make the drapes especially after we got our bentwoods in there. I’ve made a total of 9 curtain panels for our casa so far, … Continue reading

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Color Blocking Process

Once we decided to color block our bentwoods, we starting thinking about how we should go about executing our idea. I prepped the chairs similar to the table with one huge exception the wood filler. All 8 of our chairs were … Continue reading

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That’s Right We Color Blocked Them

One night we were talking about our collection of 7 mismatched Thonet bentwood chairs that we had started over a year ago. It was decision time for the formal dining. We’ve been sitting on projects in there for far too … Continue reading

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Seat Cushion: Piping

I wanted to share the process of making the seat cushions since I felt like a had to mesh a bunch of tutorials online to make a seat cushion with piping for our dining chairs. You don’t want to read … Continue reading

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Chair Facelift Part 1

I picked up 3 chairs (2 were the same and the other was ugly just part of the deal) on Craigslist for $45. The plan was to use the matching pair for the ends of the nook table. They were pretty beat up, … Continue reading

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