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Color Blocking Process

Once we decided to color block our bentwoods, we starting thinking about how we should go about executing our idea. I prepped the chairs similar to the table with one huge exception the wood filler. All 8 of our chairs were … Continue reading

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Chair Facelift Complete

To bring you up to date on the reupholstery progress, I painted the chairs, made the piping and sewed the cushion pieces together. Here are some tips for the final step – stapling the the cushion and seat pad. I sprayed adhesive on the wood … Continue reading

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Seat Cushion: Pieces and Sewing

After you’ve made your piping, it’s time to cut and sew the pieces of your seat cushion. Lay your cushions on your ironed fabric. Flip it over and check to make sure you like how the pattern is arranged on … Continue reading

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Seat Cushion: Piping

I wanted to share the process of making the seat cushions since I felt like a had to mesh a bunch of tutorials online to make a seat cushion with piping for our dining chairs. You don’t want to read … Continue reading

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Guide to Painting Furniture

Here is the Wills Casa rendition of how to paint furniture. Nick showed you the nook update with our now black (and super awesome) $25 craigslist table. I wanted to show the whole process of the transformation as a guide to … Continue reading

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Nook Update

So you saw that we got a new rug for the nook right? And you saw that Amber had finished painting the chairs? So the newest component was the table. Amber spent about a week and a half getting it … Continue reading

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Rug for the Nook

Last month we did 2 posts on the current status of the kitchen. The second post focused specifically on the  status of the nook. If you look at the punch list, it mentions getting a new rug. We loved the way … Continue reading

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Overthink, Rethink, Decide

I have a process that requires way too much time to pull the trigger on most home improvement decisions. It’s overthink, decide, rethink, decide…and even then I skip that last step for months. Maybe the reason I like antiquing so … Continue reading

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Chair Facelift Fabric Edition

After the chairs were painted, I focused my attention on what fabric I wanted for the reupholstery. I had been looking for about 2 weeks, but when I finished painting I knew it was time to pull the trigger on … Continue reading

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Chair Facelift Part 1

I picked up 3 chairs (2 were the same and the other was ugly just part of the deal) on Craigslist for $45. The plan was to use the matching pair for the ends of the nook table. They were pretty beat up, … Continue reading

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