How to Sew Lined, Pleated Drapes

Fabric (use this calculator if you need your panels to be a specific width)
Drapery Liner or Muslin
Coordinating Thread
Wall Pleater Hooks
Pleater Tape (you need the width of your fabric x2)
Curtain Rod
Curtain Rings

Start by washing and ironing your fabric and liner to shrink it. I used Etsuko Furuya for Kokka. If you skip this step, then just don’t ever wash your curtains and you’ll be fine. I always prewash the fabric because I don’t want to run that risk. (I can just see myself dropping a cake on them.)

Begin by attaching the liner to the top of your fabric. Fold the fabric and the liner under about 1/2″. Pin them together leaving 1″ on each side for the hems on the side. You could use hem tape for this step if desired.

Next attach your pleater tape. Make sure your pockets open at the bottom of the tape since that’s where you’ll put your hooks into to create the pleats. Pin your side hems over the tape. The hem is about 1/2″ with 1/2″ folded under hence the 1″ you left when you sewed the liner to the fabric.

Once you have attached your pleater tape, pin the sides of your drapes. Keep the hem 1/2″ on both sides and sew straight down the side.

I like to hang the drapes before I finish the bottom hem. I decided to hem the drapes so they would gather just slighted on the floor. I measured an inch longer from the floor for the gather. Then added 1.5″ for my hem. Turn 1/2″ in which leaves you with 1″ hem at the bottom.

The pleater tape creates 5″ pleats. Decide your spacing and desired number of pleats. Insert the prongs into the pleat pockets. Pinch your fabric together and insert the rest of the prongs (4 total).

I used 2 end hooks on each sides to secure the fabric at both ends when it hangs. I skipped 1 pleat pocket between pleats which is about 3″ between each pleat. My fabric was 57″ wide before the 6 pleats that were added. It is 31.5″ wide with the pleats. It will still cover the window when both panels are pulled. Not that the drapes will ever been drawn in the formal dining, but just in case there is a zombie take over the windows can be covered.

Hang your curtain rod almost to the ceiling. Then attach your hooks to curtain rings. Our rings are just drapery clips. This give us the option to pull out the pleats and hang with the clips if we want to change it up a bit.

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7 Responses to How to Sew Lined, Pleated Drapes
  1. Mrs. Means says:

    VERY pretty! Love the fabric.

    • Amber says:

      Thanks! I’ve always loved that fabric, but it gives the room a completely unexpected feel. We love it! They definitely make a statement and bring a ton of color into the room.

  2. MichelleC says:

    Very nice job, they look great! I am starting this weekend on my family room drapes and have been looking at diy posts, so this was great timing to run across yours. Thanks for sharing.

  3. dang girl, you are all kinds of talented!!!! these look really great!

    • Amber says:

      Haha thanks! I really can’t sew anything but straight lines very well at all, so I would have never been able to make my daughter a purse much less 2! Good luck on your drapes. I promise the hardest part is dealing with all that yardage!

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