Modernica Planter FTW

We have a couple of themes going at Wills Casa these days. One is that we are all about plant-life (ex. Last week’s post about Amber’s flower arranging class at the brilliant bows and arrows) and the other is home pieces that are both wood and walnut.

So a couple of months ago, when I saw this post by Morgan @ The Brick House (side note: that salon is the most amazing thing to happen to the internet since animated gifs) I became obsessed with the planter she used.

Fast forward a few weeks, and all of the sudden a familiar looking planter pops up on Fab.Com*. Turns out it’s from Modernica and it was on sale for $159. Though we aren’t really focusing on the Formal living area, it was pretty much a “gotta have it” moment. So we did and now it’s sitting next to my Rhodes looking sexy until we really start styling that room.

On a somewhat related note, we’re spending the weekend in Portland! Above is a picture I took of the lobby at the hipster hotel du-jour the ACE. Look for some Portland-centric content coming to the blog soon. Can’t wait to show you how we’re keeping the dream of the 90’s alive!

*If you don’t have a FAB account and want one, use that link. Amber gets a $25 credit when a referral makes their first purchase on the site. Hey, we like buying stuff for the house!

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3 Responses to Modernica Planter FTW
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  2. melissa says:

    Hi! I just got two of these gorgeous planters and I’ve just realized they don’t have drainage holes! Did you use another pot inside with holes for your plant? Or just lay gravel at the bottom?

    Thanks :)

    • Amber says:

      We just plopped it in the planter. Our first attempt (the rubber plant) died. I think it had more to do with it not getting enough sun than drainage issues. We planted a Dracaena for our second attempt in July. It’s growing and seems fine without needing a drainage solution. You can read more about that here:

      Hope that helps! I am sure it depends on the plant and how much you water it. I tend to wait a tad longer than recommended on watering everything. Usually it’s to the plants detriment, but it seems to work in this case!

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