September Goal Check

1. Complete at least 1 crafty project per month.

I wouldn’t exactly call my projects “crafty” per se, but I did get a TON (most I didn’t even share) done around here. The master bathroom got a coat of light blue to spruce it up. The outside nook off the master bath also got cleaned out and planted. It’s okay I am prepping for Ramona’s birthday now, so I will be over crafting in October. Stay tuned.

2. Read at least 1 book per month.

Disclaimer: I have not finished reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks yet. I started this book and couldn’t stop talking to people about it. It’s fascinating. Henrietta Lacks had her cervical cancer cells taken without her knowledge at a time when a scientist was trying to grow cells in culture. He couldn’t get any cells to live outside the body, but hers did. In fact, they flourished. HeLa cells are responsible for an impressively long list of medical advances.

I hate science, but this book reads like a story. A very compelling story. You need to immediately go get it and read it. I would have finished it weeks ago if life didn’t get so upside down.

3. Do more things with Ramona.

We randomly stumbled upon Arlington’s Ecofest the other day. I did not really want to stop (it was hot and I didn’t feel that great), but we did because we love our daughter. Ramona got to play on bounce houses, and there was a petting zoo. She had so much fun and will probably be talking about it for months.

4. Journal every day.

I stopped journalling mid September when I found out there were problems with my pregnancy. I could not bring myself to put into words what was going on. I did blog about it which helped me tremendously (probably should have been journalling the whole time), so Ramona will be able to account for most of the month through that post. I haven’t picked it up again. You’ll see how that works out for me on my next goal check.

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