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We have been all about IKEA so far this week. I wanted to showcase some beautiful IKEA hacks by some pretty crafty bloggers since it would be weird to show you a space with IKEA in my house that is currently just framed out (more on that tomorrow).

1. Hex Rug // 2. Sputnik Chandelier // 3. Wingback Rocker
4. Gold Desk // 5.  Bedside Lamp // 6. Card Catalog //7. Dipped Leg Console
8. Nightstand // 9. Dalmatian Chair // 10. Painted Bookcase

I love the geometric rug. It’s right on trend and such an easy DIY at an affordable IKEA price.

Gold/brass are so huge right now which explains my love for about half the items on this round up. Of course lighting is top of mind with me since we’re building. You can’t beat the price for the product with both lighting hacks (even when we are talking builder discount pricing people).

It’s just amazing what a little vision, paint, and time will do with some IKEA products. I have always been drawn to the clean lines and modern look of IKEA. It’s always great to see people use those good bones and customize it for something totally unique.

Check out how these lovely ladies have used IKEA in their home. It’s seriously good. I promise to step up my IKEA game once I have a house again!

Anu at Nalle’s House

Ainhoa at A Little Bite of Everything

Katja at Shift Ctrl Art

Kim at Newly Woodwards

Gretchen at Boxy Colonial

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21 Responses to IKEA Link Love
  1. I love all the hacks you featured. So amazing. Love that gold desk. Looks amazing. All your finds are fabulous :)

  2. That wingback rocker is totally dreamy! I’m really amazed by these hacks – hard to believe they are IKEA at all. (In a good way.)

    • Amber says:

      I know it’s crazy how people can look at things and come up with a hack for them. I’m doing good to just pick something out when I see it!

  3. Great hacks! I love the card catalog and the Dalmatian chair. That bookcase looks familiar 😉 Thanks for including it in your roundup!

    • Amber says:

      I’d never seen that card catalog hack before it’s incredible. I had to include the bookcase. It such a great color hack and the styling…drool!

  4. I just LOVE a good ikea hack. Off to check those out. Especially the desk! Wow!

  5. I feel like IKEA is getting even more hack-friendly. We had to run back to make some returns from our kitchen, and I saw so many more pieces of furniture without finishes than I remember. Maybe I’m just crazy and my eyes are more open to it now. I’m still LOVING Caitlin’s shelves. They are so amazing. All the hacks you rounded up are terrific. Three cheers to the Swedish gods for blessing us with IKEA!

    • Amber says:

      Yeah it does seem like that. I think it’s smart of them. Make furniture affordable and easy to customize. The IKEA aesthetic appeals to younger (youngish) people who are typically willing to DIY things anyway, so might as well capture that market even more!

      Caitlin’s shelves are so boss.

  6. Great round-up! I’m so sad that Kenz didn’t make her Strandmon rocker before Abe was born, because I totally would have ripped that idea off!

  7. Jennifer says:

    Yeah I’m totally digging that rocker. There are several ikea hacks I would love to do for Kaylee’s room too!
    Thanks for posting!

  8. Ainhoa says:

    The rocker hack is one of my favorites, too! The white table with gold legs is fabulous, though I tried finding those legs at my Ikea and apparently they don’t sell them anymore :(

  9. Oooh, these are brilliant!! We haven’t exactly “hacked” anything from IKEA yet, but we did re-purpose their children’s furniture & build our own version of one of their tables to create a hidden/transforming dining room in our foyer! We have a tiny little house, so everything we do has to be customized and tweaked to fit its quirky dimensions. Here’s the link if anyone’s curious: http://www.prettyorganized.com/organizing/small-dining-room-layout

    Maybe I can use some hack-spiration for our next update!

  10. Anu says:

    Love this round-up! I recognize many of these hacks and love the light and rocking chair.

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