Haven Recap

Haven 2014-1

The entire Wills family headed to Atlanta last week, so I could attend Haven Conference. Beckett was less thrilled about the plane ride, but whatevs baldy it’s for the sake of a blog education.

Haven 2014-9

We got in early for a slumber party with Kelly and the View Along the Way family. I obviously don’t have picture of that because that would make me a decent blogger. I do however have a picture of Mr. View Along the Way (Andy) taking a selfie with duck face and all. I’m holding on to that one for blackmail later.

Let me just tell you that Kelly is even more amazing in real life than she is on her blog. Her house is beautiful too. I checked guys her work is legit. What we weren’t expecting was the million requests from Ramona to see Weston the rest of our trip. Young love.

Haven 2014-7

Yes there was learning, but I was so excited to hang out with these ladies – Cassie, Brynne, Emily, Julia, Michelle, Kelly, Gretchen, and Katja. There were lots of laughing and dancing happening all weekend. Blogging is weird sometimes, and it was nice to be around people who get it. (Also I can’t believe Kim and Caitlin are missing from this picture!!)

Also it’s a little crazy how much I already knew these people without ever having a face to face encounter. The magic of the internet. I got to meet so many more incredible bloggers who could relate to busting it on a project from planning to execution with photographs along the way.

Haven 2014-3

I had a great time dancing with Mandi who I’ve adored for years. Clearly we snapped this after hours of fun on the dance floor. I mean what else is one to do when a Brittany Spears’ song comes on?? Answer hit it one more time.

Haven 2014-6

I finally got to meet Cassie even though we both live in DFW. She is just as sweet and stylish as you would expect! I also met Jen. I was real nervous about introducing myself to her. I was afraid she could see all the disorganization in eyes, but y’all know it’s all kinds of crazy over here at the moment.

Haven 2014-4

Sunday morning we headed for a light brunch at Octane Coffee & Little Tart Bakery with Katja. (You can read her recap here.) It was the best thing I’d eaten all week. The space was just incredible too. We were able to talk about how much we loved learning about ads from Andy, Lightroom from Beth, Photo Styling from Kristin, and Working with Brands.

It was a nice wrap up to the weekend, and Nick got to have some adult conversation.

Haven 2014-5

Speaking of Nick, can I just brag on how amazing my husband is. He was responsible for 2 kids on vacation. They got to eat at some of the best places Atlanta has to offer (most of which aren’t kid friendly) and had lots of adventures with daddy. He wanted to make sure everything was taken care of, so I could just enjoy the conference and not worry about them. Mission accomplished. This nursing mom could not have done it without him.

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38 Responses to Haven Recap
  1. cassie says:

    nick is my hero, because it wouldn’t have been the same without you there, and he made that possible. i owe him…. if weston doesn’t work out i am happy to arrange a marriage with sawyer.

  2. Great recap! Nick wins the husband award for sure!

  3. It was so great meeting you! You were such a blast to get to know!

  4. Haven would have been lame without you. Ok, it was still sort of lame but less lame because you were there. ~bad blogger

  5. Love your recap Amber! It was just SO fantastic to meet you and Nick and your kids. I had such a great time! We need to spend more time together and I can’t wait to see when and where that is going to be :) I am just so happy to have met you online and now IRL and can call you friend! (you too Nick :)). It’s amazing the power some gold dotted napkins can have :)

    • Amber says:

      Bahaha those napkins!! I’m so glad we got to meet IRL too. I know our paths will cross more than just at blog conferences, and I’m looking forward to it!!

  6. Gretchen says:

    It was great meeting you and your adorable family! Next time I’ll keep my baby healthy so you can come to my house and meet your kitchen lights’ twin (triplet?)

  7. Sarah says:

    Give Nick a hug for me because we owe it all to him that you could party down with us! Also that supposed duck face photo of Andy is blog gold – I see ad optimization in your future! 😉

  8. Heather says:

    Ha! Your recap was hilarious :) I missed Haven this year for the first time, but I’ve heard about you and how fun you are. I’m also in DFW (on the FW side) so if y’all do anything – because those ATL bloggers have it TOGETHER and I’m so jealous – I am IN! (I just invited myself)

  9. Nichole S. says:

    So happy to see a new post Amber:) Loved checking out new blog sites also. I don’t blog or DYI I love to read about people who do!

  10. It’s good that you have a photo of Andy because I have one of Kelly 😉
    Love hanging out with you in person and we need to do it again #troublemakers and I agree Nick did a fabulous job, it’s almost like he wasn’t even there!

    • Amber says:

      Maybe we can photoshop those together for a truly awkward family photo and use it for blackmail. I loved hanging out with you too!! If they didn’t wake me up in the morning, I wouldn’t have known they were there either!

  11. I’m officially banging my head against the wall for deciding not to go to Haven! I’m glad you guys had fun!

    PS…where did you get your pants that you’re wearing in the last pic? :)

    • Amber says:

      Next year Jenn!! We will just have a do over! They are from Old Navy. That whole outfit is pretty much the best thing for traveling ever.

  12. Go, Nick, go! I’m so happy we got to hang out and wish we had more time to spend together. Sorry I missed the photo!

    • Amber says:

      There was so much going on! Don’t worry about it. I’m sure we will hang out more next year! You were drained and had an early flight. You needed the rest more than anything!!

  13. How are we both bloggers and possessors of instagram accounts, but with no photograph evidence of our sleepover?! Fail. Imagine how hard we’ll be kicking ourselves at Weston and Ramonas wedding for not having pics of their first meeting! Also, please let me know where to send the check for the nice lies – I mean words – and the lack of duck face.

    • Amber says:

      We are literally the worst. I can already hear Ramona chastising me on her wedding day. I guess we can just show that picture of Andy instead. Oh well jokes on her we are going to make them start a blog called View Along the Wills to pay for their lavish ceremony.

  14. I loved meeting you so much. Or so bad. Or whatever. (Insert my loud, annoying laugh here.)

    Great recap. Next time, I expect a photo of me. That is all.

    • Amber says:

      Well if you would have come to the party…I actually thought what the heck how do I not have a picture with Kim. Then I remembered that time at the salad bar/lunch buffet thing and felt less guilty about all that! :) Actually I was just truly awful at taking pictures, but next year I’ll be ready for ya!

  15. I hadn’t heard of this conference before and I used to live in Atlanta..thanks for sharing about it! It would be an easy drive for me to attend next year. Looks like fun!

  16. So so so sad I wasn’t there. But I’m glad you all had such a great time. Your family is the most beautiful family I’ve ever seen. Great job with that :)
    Next year… it. is. happening.

  17. Great recap!! Meeting you and seeing the disorganization in your eyes was the highlight of my weekend! Jen and I totally talked about it all night. 😉 Fortunately, your beyond-amazing house and style overshadows all that. Now let’s stop with this only seeing each other in other states business, and hook up already!

    • Amber says:

      I knew it! I couldn’t hide the hot mess if I tried especially behind that traveling bun. Yes this seeing each other in other states has to stop. Texas is getting jipped.

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