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Master Bedroom

I can’t even post a picture of our master bedroom in its current state because it’s so bad y’all. Also I don’t have one. I mean who takes a picture of an ugly room anyway?? You’ll have to settle with this pre move in picture. The master has historically been neglected around here. We’ve been wanting to upgrade the bed to a king because it seems like a very adult thing to do. We landed a king Sleep Number mattress via Nick’s grandparents who needed to unload their brand new one for an adjustable one. Thus escalating the priority of getting a design plan for the bedroom and purchasing an actual bed.


My plan has always been to purchase this tufted velvet wingback bed. However now that the time to pull the trigger has come, I’m doing all kinds of second guessing. Does anyone else do that?

Here’s the problem. I like platform beds. I feel like they are less imposing in the room which I’m especially concerned about with having a king. This bed has to have a box spring. Now I am in a panic about what to do. Should I go with my original pick? Find a different, lower bed?


The original navy tufted velvet wingback bed is at the top for reference. I’ve searched all the internets for platform beds and here’s what I’ve come up with.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Obviously none of these other options are velvet or navy like I had originally wanted. Things are totally open at this point, so that’s not a huge deal. The prices range from $609 to $1,150, but five of the six are similarly priced at under $800.

Which ones are your favorite? Any that just scream OMG that bed is so Wills Casa? Just tell me which one to get so I can get over this analysis paralysis.


Quick announcement before weighing in on what bed we should get. I’m partnering with the Home Depot for their DIY workshop again. There will be a virtual party next Monday, March 21st where I’ll reveal my take on this wooden door mat along with the crazy talented Jaime of That’s My Letter, Charlotte of Ciburbanity, Stefanie of Brooklyn Limestone, and Gwen of The Bold Abode. I know it’s like a rock star line up for this thing, so don’t miss it!

Don’t forget to register for the DIY Workshop here and share your wooden door mat projects using #diyworkshop.

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28 Responses to ISO Advice on a Bed
  1. First of all, I never have “before” pictures and that is precisely why- who takes pictures of an ugly room? Ha! Secondly I was the opposite- really wanted a tall regal bed vs. a platform. I vote 1 or 3. And if it helps my bed is similar to 3 and we love it. It almost looks like a platform- very low to the floor. And to me 1 looks the most “that’s SO Amber!”

    • Amber says:

      For real tho why waste the energy to show you something underwhelming. Someone brought up a great point about dust + velvet which I hadn’t really thought about. Our room is always crazy dusty because of the dogs. Blerg. I really do like 1.

  2. I love the original navy pick, but I’m also really drawn to #4, which looks….cozy? somehow to me. Then I clicked on it and realized it’s also the cheapest, so there you go: pick that one!

    • Amber says:

      Yes it is the cheapest by nearly $100!! I was a little worried about how making the bed would turn out since it has such a high footboard. A hilarious worry because making the bed is really not something I do, so I’m not even sure why the thought crossed my mind to begin with.

      • Jennifer C. says:

        Amber our new bed has a high footboard and making the bed really isn’t a problem. It actually helps keep the comfort and everything on! And I don’t know make the bed who has time for that except for when people are coming over.

  3. Rachel says:

    The navy velvet one TOTALLY screams Wills Casa. I think you need to go for it :-)

    • Amber says:

      It does look like it should belong to us. is a pain to deal with for returns, but I’m sure they aren’t any worse than these other places for such a large item. This is me convincing myself to just order it and try it out. I guess that’s really the only option for any of these beds.

  4. I really like the look of a platform bed, but I think I’d go with your first choice. I think you have plenty of space and it won’t be too imposing. But seriously, I know nothing. So you can take my advice with the design advice of your postman. I mean, he may like design but he should really stick to delivering the mail.

    • Amber says:

      The sleep number has to have a box spring. Of course the platform part would work as a box spring, but I wonder if it would wear the mattress out faster?? I mean I guess I can use that as a pro for bed #1.

      • ha. I totally misunderstood the post and thought you meant that the blue option was what you liked but not available in platform.

        Sorry. Ignore me. Carry on.

        • Amber says:

          The blue one is the one I liked and it isn’t available in platform. I’d have to use a box spring with #1 which I have one and could do that, but I don’t like tall beds. I don’t know why.

  5. oh i love 6!!! i can see it paired with white bedding and a moroccan blanket!

    • Amber says:

      They also styled that bed really well! It looks similar to one from West Elm that Nick liked. I wasn’t sure about the legs tho. I will admit they’ve grown on me.

  6. Naomi J says:

    Hmmm… maybe you really like bed number one for it’s looks right now, but if you don’t like tall beds, will you grow to hate it eventually? I personally try to pick things based on how I live, or want to live, rather than how it looks (looks are important and high on the list, but take a back seat to livability). I’d rather have something that is maybe not my ideal but makes my life easier to live, instead of something that looks great but makes me frustrated and angry whenever I have to use it. But then again, I’m kind of a hot head and get frustrated and angry over lots of little things :) Good luck!

    • Amber says:

      That is a great point! We slept on a box spring for years, but I have really liked being lower this past year since we ditched the box spring. It’s like getting out of bed is less effort. Plus I have a really cute night stand that I won’t be able to use if we have a high bed.

  7. Linda moore says:

    We just bought a king size sleep number for our bedroom and had some of the same issues. First remember these mattresses are not as high as some of the regular pillow tops out there. I had a high footboard on my last bed and I have a pretty high footboard on the new bed and compared to my last mattress this one is so light that I have no problem making up the bed. It took two of us for our previous one.

    I like either your original choice or the one with the higher footboard.

  8. Sarah says:

    It is nothing like any of your options, but I have the Pier 1 Seagrass Block headboard for my king sized bed. My room is pretty big, but has low ceilings, plus a ceiling fan (that, while ugly, I need to have to be able to sleep). I like the Seagrass Headboard because cat hair and dust don’t show on it and it’s pretty low, so it doesn’t completely dominate my room. Also the texture and the weave go well with both modern and traditional décor and fabrics depending on how I’m feeling any given day.

    • Amber says:

      We have a ceiling fan for the same reason! I love that a seagrass one won’t show dust, but I really want an upholstered one. Our beds has been wood in the past, and I’m just ready for something soft. I know there will be more issues with wear, but I’m kinda stuck on at least that one thing! Now if I could figure out which one, we’d be in business.

  9. Ruth says:

    For what it is worth, I am exactly the same, at moment of finally purchasing my hearts desire I suddenly brake and see it through entirely different eyes! However, the first one is the best bed and most wow factor by a country mile, all the others are a bit blah, also all the others require effort to make the bed whilst no. 1 is a toss the duvet on plus you can add throw rugs/ style end of bed . I swapped our king bed with its high foot end out with for a simple end like no. 1 best decision ever for ease of living.

    You will keep your bed for 20 yrs so you can afford to spend for what you love so don’t make a choice based on saving $100, move on to the curtains, that will stop you over thinking what you’ve always liked.

    • Amber says:

      The huge hang up I’m having right now is the headboard for bed #1 – my original love (haha) – doesn’t go all the way down to the bed frame. I’m really worried you’ll be able to tell, and it will look super cheap. Plus I’m really hating having to sleep on the box spring right now.

      • Ruth says:

        As giving advice is free – hahaha! here goes! Are you sure the pillows / bedside table etc won’t cover that up? – Also how about a diy option using the same material to fill in the gap – you could even glue the fabric or uphoster it onto a separate piece of eg plywood or some thing like that. So I think probably the only important question is can you see that mismatch from doorway?

        • Amber says:

          Pillows might cover it up, but I am not a regular bed maker. Lol I mean if we are being honest and all 😉 I think find material and DIY’ing something would be more difficult (finding the right color of velvet)/expensive/time consuming than it’d be worth especially since the other options are around the same price. I feel like I’m talking myself out of it. That’s probably a sign I should go in a different direction.

      • Janet says:

        I’m seriously dying to know if you’ve chosen and bought a bed yet.

        I’m replying specifically to your concern above because that opening at the bottom of the headboard is actually useful if your only electrical outlet happens to be behind the bed. I know that’s probably not the case with your still-practically-brand-new-custom-built house, but it sure is with my 73-year-old house with only two outlets in the bedroom, both smack in the middle of a wall. I not only have my bedside lamps and a Scentsy warmer plugged into the one behind the bed (with a three-outlet cube tap supported by painter’s tape so the cats don’t knock it out), but I keep a phone charger plugged in with a six-foot charging cord threaded through the space between the headboard and the mattress. So far I haven’t overloaded the circuit….or electrocuted myself because the charging cord is wrapped twice through the metal headboard!

        • Amber says:

          We did buy a bed! I just haven’t make the bedroom decent enough to shoot and show it off! We actually don’t have an outlet behind the bed which let me tell you is the most annoying thing ever. I cannot believe that happened!

          • Jennifer C. says:

            Oooh I really want to know what bed you got! And to my moms point our bed has a gap which we thread our iPhone cord thru because one plus is in the center of the wall behind the bed and the other is just far enough from my night stand to not be able to plus anything in. Very annoying. Anyways can’t wait hear/see what you got!

          • Amber says:

            Who knew plug placement would be such an annoyance!!

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