Designing the Master Closet

Master Closet Desgin via - Go look at the rest of this house. The kitchen has tile like my painted floor.

When we first started talking about the design of our master closet, I envisioned a grandiose space that was luxurious, organized, and obviously gorgeous. Nick didn’t want to share a closet initially, but I convinced him that if we shared we would have more space. Not sure if that was entirely true, but at the time it seemed so.

Once I got a little more realistic with the actual space we were working with, the design aspect was a little more difficult. I knew I wanted space for shoes and some shelves especially a place for a carry on bag (let’s hear it for spontaneous trips).

Master Closet Design via

We were already having the cabinet guy build us 2 dresser units. When they got onsite, they were much larger than anticipated which made the closet design harder. They only made sense if you put them together. Then they were so large they wouldn’t fit on the most logical wall where they could just stand alone there instead of take up hanging space.

I found the above inspiration image and thought that corner shelving thing has some real potential. We could use that to really make the closet look custom around the large dresser units. I relayed the pic and the message to the guys…

Master Closet Design

First the shoe storage is crazy wonky. I don’t know who thought it would be a smart move to use a hanging rod as storage support. (They tried that in the pantry as well…fail.)

Most importantly the corner units which we went with on both corners of this wall were so bulky. It was going to be difficult to use the space especially with the dressers pushed against the corner units. There was such an overhang from the dressers that using the corner unit would have been awkward. On the redesign I said, “I just can’t style these.” Cody looked at me like WTF is this chick talking about then responded with, “What?” Thanks for leaving out the TF in that Cody, but your face said it all.

Allen and Keaton via

Apparently when this story was relayed to the builder, Cody announced, “It’s like building a house for Woody Allen and Diane Keaton.” It was our turn to WTF.

Brad and Angelina via

Obviously I found out he said that (I find everything out), I politely let him know it’s 2013 (it was then), so we prefer the comparison to Brad and Angelina. Brangelina think it’s hilarious too just look at them. Actually now that I’m seeing this, Cody was probably right about Allen and Keaton looks wise. Touché.

Master Closet Design

We had them rebuilt the shelving. First we scraped the entire corner unit on the other side. We added Nick’s shoe storage to give ourselves some space with the dresser built ins. Accessing the corner unit is more natural now. The corner shelves were cut with angles instead of being triangular-ish.

We stopped my shoe storage at the curve in the wall which was the plan initially. It just wasn’t listened to in the beginning. We also raised the bottom shelf up to accommodate my boots. Again that was always the purpose, but it wasn’t done correctly.

Master Closet Design

The dresser units were installed. We put the same hardware as the kitchen. There is additional hanging space across from this. The plan is I get the left hanging space, Nick gets the center. We share the remaining corner unit. However Nick is preparing himself for total Amber takeover eventually.

It was such an interesting process. We were definitely in over our heads with closet design. There’s a reason why people have successful companies designing and creating custom cabinets for closets. It ain’t easy. We decided this is a great solution for now. We need to live in this space to figure out what works and what doesn’t. We can change this out if it doesn’t work.

Master Closet Design

We did hang our capiz shell pendent from the last house in there. We have fluorescents too. Otherwise there’d be no light! I think this light will travel to whatever house we go to next (don’t want to think about that, don’t want to think about that). We bought it for Ramona’s nursery, so it’s got such great sentimental value even if we never used it in her room!

I would show you the current state of things, but who wants to see a clothes/accessory explosion. Not I. Nothing is styled. Also I refuse to stage my clothes.

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32 Responses to Designing the Master Closet
  1. Julia@Cuckoo4Design says:

    OMG I’m going in my closet to cry now!
    The Wills Mansion rules!

    • Amber says:

      Haha it will be interesting to see how we function with it. What we like and what we messed up on. I really have to share a closet with Nick because if he had his own closet it would be a disaster!

  2. cassie says:

    this post cracked me up- i don’t even want to know who chris and i would be compared to….. yikes. although he tells me i am just like leslie knope, so i guess he is her hubby on tv (can’t remember his name) and his character worships game of thrones, so it really could be us…. and he is boyishly cute… but i digress.
    it all ended with a gorgeous light and me wanting to live in your closet. my closet can fit in there about 10 times. i am moving to texas where everything is bigger.

    • Amber says:

      Bahaha Nick jokes that I’m April Ludgate all the time because I scowl. He just wants to be Andy. I can totally see you as Leslie. I’ll expect a scrapbook of all our interactions when I see you at Haven!

      It’s true everything is bigger in Texas. I’ve scheduled a POD to be delivered around noon. :)

  3. Maybe Bennifer? No, definitely Namber. Anyway, your closet is amazing. Sweet light fixture.

  4. Katie says:

    I’m actually really impressed that Cody pulled the Diane/Woody thing from the archives. You made the right call on not over-finishing the closet. So much of good design hinges on functionality, especially in a utilitarian area. You’ll gain a great grasp of what works and doesn’t once you get items in there. You don’t want to build yourself into a corner (literally).

    • Amber says:

      I mean they only dated for a year in the 70s. Cody isn’t much older than we are, so I think it was a coincidence. Maybe I just don’t want to give him any credit.

      Whenever we run out of projects around here, we can re work the closet. Bahaha what a joke. We are learning that no matter if you build or buy, your list of projects is still endless.

  5. Love this post. “I can’t style this”. Totally something I would have said… Yesterday we had a similar talk: “We could build it like this, then it would be structurally sound”. Me: “But then it won’t be the design I want!!” :) ha ha…

    That closet is absolutely gorgeous. I love the changes you made in the shelves. Makes a huge difference. I love that they follow the wall more instead of the 45 in the corner. Also the wall brackets are so much better in the second one. Those dressers. WOW!!! Love!!!

    • Amber says:

      Well at least I knew I could count on you to understand my dilemma!! That whole 45 degree business was really a pain in the butt. I wasn’t interested in hearing the math just getting the look. Shame on me for not attending to details enough. I like the outcome the 2nd time around though, so that’s all that matters I guess!

  6. Man, now I want to redesign our closet. We gave in and had a company do ours but we totally cheaped out. Love how yours turned out!

    • Amber says:

      Ha we cheaped out. Definitely should have hired someone from the get go to design it, but we thought we could do it no problem. It’s so hard when you are making a million decisions and are just seeing the space come together right before those decisions have to be made. You know all about that mess.

  7. Tiff Wills says:

    I call dibs on this one when you get your next house. I am pulling the family card out, and I don’t even care who sees.

  8. I’m pretty sure you can’t just go around comparing people to Woody Allen without getting in trouble these days! I really wish you’d post pictures with a clothes explosion to make me feel better about my own closet ;) . I really need to go clean my closet. Sigh. Umm, wait–this was a comment on YOUR post, wasn’t it? It looks fabulous….I love that pendant so, so much!

  9. “I can’t style these” I died!

    And those handles are hottt!

  10. It’s going to be epic. I’m a little annoyed at you guys for getting your closet to this point in like 4 seconds, but it’s taking me months to do my tiny, much-less-awesome version. I’m taking it personally.

    • Amber says:

      If it makes you feel better it would have taken us much longer if we attempted to DIY. Also your closet is going to be gorgeous and styled already. We still have things to do in here to make pretty!!

  11. I dream of a fab closet :) Love the gold and the light is amazing in there! xo Kristin

  12. Nichole S. says:

    Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. I saw the first pic of the blog post and almost fainted…I was like those punks even have a marble island in the closet…what the heck…scrolling down I saw the real closet pic and still think you guys are punks:) How very “1%’” of willscasa to have double drawer built-ins in the master closet…love it:)

  13. I can’t wait to see you stage your Diane Keaton tux.

    And great closet. You would die if you saw the closet Aaron and I share. It’s the size of a hallway coat closet… not a walk in. No doors. It’s so pathetic. Good thing we have 5 other bedrooms in our house with closets to keep all our crap in.

    • Amber says:

      We have been living with extremely small closets for a year, so it’s been weird unpacking clothes. Real reunitings happening over here. It’s amazing the stuff we’ve lived without for so long. Makes me think half of this is entirely unnecessary…now I’m off to go buy clothes or some other closet accessory! :)

  14. Serious case of closet envy over here!

  15. Wow. I’m totally drooling over all that space. And in awe that you talked about styling your closet. I love that. It’s hilarious, but I love it.

    We have bare bulbs in our closet. IT’s a sexy look.

    • Amber says:

      I’ll let you in on a little blog secret we have lots of bare bulbs around Wills Casa. Some with plans of greatness, and others I haven’t even thought about yet.

  16. jacinda says:

    OMG. Come help me plan my closet makeover. I have total closet envy.

    • Amber says:

      No way because I’ve seen your closet, and it’s awesome. Also there are lots of clothes that I want in there. All the clothes.

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