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You guys, Young House Love’s new book Lovable Livable Home is out. Then West Elm Salt Lake City posted this picture on instagram. I saw it was like OMG I see something familiar in the background!! (Spoiler: I wasn’t actually shocked. I signed some releases before, so I knew about it. BUT it’s completely different actually seeing it.)

Wills Casa in LLH

Beckett’s nursery along side my newborn hazed face (remind me not to do bangs again) with Nick Offerman is officially in print y’all. It hit me that my kids will have no idea what Parks & Rec is/all its hilarity. It would be like our parents doing a Cheers themed room. We would not have thought that was cool. (Although now I’m sort of digging this idea…master bedroom?)

I kept thinking now that this is in print someone will read it years from now and ask, “Who is Ron Swanson?” I couldn’t deal with this and cried and ate my feelings while binge watching all of the shenanigans in Pawnee.

None of that happened. Just extreme excitement, gratefulness, and pure joy (which is now slightly dampened by the prospect that my kids won’t love Parks & Rec and possibly, dare I say even more importantly, they won’t appreciate the non theme we have rocking in Beckett’s room).

Beckett is 2

The drop date of Lovable Livable Home was also Beckett’s 2nd (!!!!) birthday. We celebrated his birthday and his nursery in print with cupcakes as one does. B is so dapper and clearly proud of his parents for their nursery design. It’s written all over his face.

Katja in LLH

I loved seeing Katja in there- not 1, not 2, but 3 times. She is such a monster talent. I’ve always loved her son’s room with the pixelated Mario. Her entire house is so well done. She’s got mad style.

The book is beautiful and creative, but it is more than just pretty pictures. You can read the story behind the design and the function of the space for the families who live in it! Do yourself a favor and go get a copy now!

Yes this post has affiliate links, but it’s written because this book is awesome and you need it. Most importantly though, this is written to say a huge THANK YOU to Sherry & John for including us. We are always shocked when people like what we do, so it’s crazy to think that someone who we admire thought it was good enough for a book. Mind blowing really.

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18 Responses to Lovable Livable Home + All the Celebrations
  1. Happy birthday to Beckett! And congrats on the book feature! I love the nursery mural and the whole non-themey theme you did in there. So fun.
    -Laura (Rather Square)

  2. Congratulations again sweet friend and BOOK BUDDY!!! Ok, so West elm instragrammed you. Of course they did!!! That, my friend is why YOU are the ROCK Star :) Love your feature!!!

    • Amber says:

      You know it’s only because I was in the middle of the page and brought some neutral colors to the background!! I just happened upon that pic and freaked out like a total nerd!! I will take that rock star complement and be sure to walk around big headed all day! 😉

  3. Katie says:

    Congrats! So much of your beautiful home could have been featured within their book, it’s all so gorgeous. *Sigh* I miss Parks & Rec and will be annoying future generations about it for years to come as well.

  4. Oh my gosh Amber, it was our pleasure!!! It’s such a lovely room and the funniest part about the index is seeing Nick Offerman’s name among all the decorating terminology. Thanks so much for sharing Beckett’s sweet space!

    s (& j)

    • Amber says:

      Thanks Sherry! I was just trying to take Swanson/Offerman to places he’d never been before (and likely will never appear again). The book is gorgeous. You did an incredible job!

  5. Tiara says:

    This is so awesome. So Excited for your guys. #lifegoal 😉

    • Amber says:

      Haha thanks Tiara! Onto our next life goal of making a documentary, opening a hotel, and roasting coffee. :) Random list but we’re still young right? Or youngish anyway!

  6. woot! congratulations! (and I had no idea Katja was going to be in it, too. She is so sneaky :)). Cheers room–hilarious! Although my 14 year old is a huge Friends fan and is watching The West Wing and Seinfeld right now (and he loves Parks and Rec, but that happened while he was still the right age for it), so….who knows? Surely Parks and Rec has at least as much staying power as Friends!

  7. EEEEK! best day ever! so exciting to see you and katja in there- i can’t wait to get my hands on that book! and you- i want to hug you. been too long.

  8. Woohoooooo….congratulations! It is much deserved my friend.

  9. I need Katja to sign my page too 😉 You guys are rock stars

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