The Wonderful Wills of Oz

Halloween Sibling Costumes-3

I have a real big thing with having the kids wear coordinating Halloween costumes. I know it won’t be long before I face serious mutiny on this, so until then I am going to wear this out. (Year 1- Max & Ruby, Year 2- Lilly & Julius) Technically this year it’s based on a book too. We did read The Wizard of Oz together this summer.

Halloween Sibling Costumes-4

Ramona has been begging to be Dorothy since last Halloween. Like every day. I bought her this Dorothy dress in a size small. I felt like it was a little short, so I preceded to get a medium after. The medium was huge. She wears a 6 which is what size the small is supposed to be, so I guess it’s true to size. Ramona is also very tall so that might explain the shortness.

I got red glitter Toms because she wears her black ones like crazy. Might as well add another to the rotation.

Halloween Sibling Costumes-6

Can we just talk about how this lion costume completely blew me away?! The reviews were mixed. I think it’s adorable. Beckett loves it. He wears a 2T and this is 18-24 months, and it fits him. He is on the smaller size 2 year olds. It is a warm costume too, so hopefully it’s not hot on Halloween! It was so affordable for how good of quality it is.

Halloween Sibling Costumes-5

The real reason Dorothy has been requested is because my prom dress is strikingly similar to Glinda the Good Witch’s dress. I am not an adult that dresses up, but I begged Nick to be the tin man or scarecrow. He would not have any of that business. I told Ramona I would wear my dress for pictures, but I’m not taking her out in it. (Also guys it’s super tight like can.not.breathe.)

Prom 2002

Here is Nick and I at my prom in 2002 the last sighting of me in my pink princess (or good witch in this case) dress. Hilarious. I have kept it thinking maybe one day Ramona would want to wear it. Also I went with Nick so there’s some sentimental value there too I guess.

Halloween Sibling Costumes-1

Ramona told someone that she was going to be Dorothy and her brother was going to be “the curly lion.” That actually works much better because that kid has a mess of curls on his head! Look how cute his little tail is! These 2 are the sweetest. Happy Halloween guys!

*Affilate links included for these adorable costumes.

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21 Responses to The Wonderful Wills of Oz
  1. oh my gosh you are the cutest!!!!!!! all of you!

  2. Bethe says:

    Those costumes are adorable! And good for you for being able to fit into your prom dress! Mine was covered in about 20 pounds of beading (it was a 1999 thing) and crunched when I sat down. I kept it in my closet for a decade and now I have no idea what I did with it – I’m pretty sure it got tossed out while cleaning my closet.

    Oh, and I hear red shoes are all the rage this year – I may need some sparkly red Toms!

    • Amber says:

      I would use the word “fit” loosely when describing my ability to put that dress on. I told Nick he was going to have to chase the kids around because I could not move. Haha the top of this has crazy heavy beading. I remember fighting to it keep it up since it’s strapless. I should probably toss mine too. It’s been in our coat closet of all places.

  3. It does not look super tight. I can’t believe you can even still zip it! So pretty! And the kids are so freakin adorable.
    My kiddos never matched. My son is a sumo wrestler this year which I think is awesome because he is finally ready to also be funny and laugh at himself which I love.

    • Amber says:

      Well you are always making killer costumes for your daughter, so your kids don’t have to match!! Trust me I wasn’t able to breathe for the entire time we were taking photos. I finally just gave Beckett a sucker to outright bribe him, so we could end it!

      I love that’s he’s going as a sumo wrestler! Can’t wait to see pictures of that!

  4. You are all too cute!!! I love Ramona’s sparkly shoes (I totally want a pair) and Beckett makes one absolutely adorable lion! And your dress – so fun that you pulled it out for this! That’s the kind of thing the kids will remember for years! :)

    • Amber says:

      I know that’s why I did it! Now that dress is part of her memory too! Who knew it would turn into a family heirloom when I bought it (only required marrying Nick and putting it on for Halloween 13 years later). Ramona has been saying all year I’m going to be Dorothy and you’re going to be Glinda and Bubby is going to be the lion and I think daddy needs to dress up too. LOL we worked on him for a year, but he wouldn’t have any of it. In his defense, it’s hard to spend $50 on a costume that you will only wear to take picture on your blog! Ha!

  5. Oh my goodness!! This is BEYOND cute! You look fantastic in that dress!! And keep it! My mom didn’t keep a lot of her stuff growing up. I would have loved to be able to pull stuff out like this. For that reason. I’ve got my huge sparkly red princess poufy prom dress in the closet just waiting to be used. Too bad I had two boys LOL. Happy halloween to the Wills family!!

    • Amber says:

      LOL I was just thinking I don’t think the brothers May will appreciate that dress! Maybe next time! Thanks for the sweet words and encouraging me to stay crazy and hoard all my things!! 😉

  6. 1. Awww, widdle Nick and Amber. So widdle and cute.
    2. You all have some super ridiculously cute children. Like model cute.
    3. Why does Nick have to be hating on Halloween? Get that dude an oil can.

    • Amber says:

      He is such a buzzkill that guy! I mean when you look at his mullet in the prom picture you would never guess that! 😉 We do make cute kids tho. A badge of honor you and Nate can now claim!

  7. Aww–love it–they’re so adorable! For a long time I had mine convinced that it was pretty much the law that they had to wear coordinating costumes, but our streak ended a couple of years ago. Milo and Gus still coordinate more often than not, though (this year they’re both Zelda characters), so that’s something I guess….

    • Amber says:

      Interesting. I am wondering when the mutiny will begin over here. Beckett doesn’t care what’s going on, but he does whatever Ramona tells him to do for the most part. Maybe a few more years??

  8. Anu says:

    SO cute! Love the sparkly Toms!

  9. Awww, you are a beautiful good witch. And you can WEAR YOUR PROM DRESS! GAHHHHHHH.

    Love your family – such cuties.

    • Amber says:

      Use the word wear loosely there. I can put it on and not breathe or move while in it. I dig the family costume the Woodwards were throwing down this year. Avengers for the win!

  10. Oh my gosh this is adorable! My dog (crazy dog lady) and I were actually the lion and the scarecrow this year, so that is really funny. Although apparently it wasn’t cute enough because we didn’t win the world market costume contest. Not that I’m mad about it or anything…:p

    You guys look great! I just found you pretty recently through our mutual friends. Kim and Michelle. I’m excited to follow along with all that you do here!

    • Amber says:

      I can’t believe that didn’t win!! I will protest by not going to World Market for 1 day! 😉

      Ah yes Kim and Michelle. I already know you are fun. Thanks for the warning!

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