And the Stockings Were Hung…

Since we have completely changed up Christmas around here, I started from scratch for the mantel. The plan was much like the one for the table – keep things very neutral and use the pink sparingly to make a statement. Otherwise things could get crazy fast.

Oh why yes that is the same sought after gold dotted burlap Cassie used as her runner. Nick wanted burlap stockings, and I said hell no. Then Cassie went and pulled that burlap out. We already knew we were doing gold polka dot napkins, and I thought this is just too perfect. You win this round Nick. (I’ll share the stocking tutorial on Monday.)

The LOVE sign is our mantel staple. It’s huge (obviously), and I wasn’t going to move it. Blue and pink look great together anyway. We decided to just make another smaller layer in front. I bought 4 Christmas trees from Michael’s and changed the ribbon to pink. I sat them on top of gold stocking hooks. It’s almost like a textural layer in front of the sign. It’s simple, and I like it.

We hung pictures on the small trees. What a good looking man I have. This is another way to tie things together since we have the THANKS collage. It seems like an infinitely better idea than monograming the burlap stockings.

Our vintage Santa and elves are front and center. I know they aren’t wearing pink, but they look so at home amongst the trees.

I just threw this pillow together…literally. I downloaded a deer silhouette and traced it on some pink felt I had lying around. Flipped one of our pillows around and stuck that deer on there. I didn’t attach it. Fake it ’til you make it…or until Christmas is over and then the pink deer can find another home. I really want to make a pillow like this, but it wasn’t going to happen this week. (Did I mention I sewed 4 burlap stockings?) The deer sticks and won’t fray because that’s the greatness of felt.

I did tackle filling the fireplace with wood. It’s something I have wanted to do and decided to tackle late Monday. I carried in 10 (!!!!) firewood bundles in just to then fight for hours with the fireplace rack. I’m ashamed to admit that I woke up very sore the next day from all the manual labor. It’s okay though because it’s done. I love it, and it will stay forever until we move.

Luckily Ramona is too young to question how Santa can come down the chimney when there’s wood blocking his entry. The answer is magic in case you’re wondering. Just glad I don’t have to answer to a 3 year old.

I’m linking our Merry Mantel up to Michelle at Ten June.

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6 Responses to And the Stockings Were Hung…
  1. Oh, gold polka dots. I love thee. My sinuses are screaming just looking at that burlap. But they sure are pretty.

  2. I’m so jealous of anyone that has a fireplace to decorate at Christmas! Gold dotted burlap, adorable!

    • Amber says:

      I love the gold burlap! If it makes you feel better, we have never used our fireplace. We have 2, and we’ve never once considered firing either one up. I think the only upside is being able to decorate it!

  3. Mkay. Those tiny tree stocking holders are perfection. Totally stealing that idea next year! Your mantel is awesome, I absolutely love it!

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